Monday, January 18, 2010

January 10, 2010: Silverbeet-sausage frittata

Bananas are not the only item from our fruit & veg box that I need to use strategically - there's also been silverbeet for weeks now. I've been using it for cashew gratins, pizza, spanakopita and actually, far too much of it has wilted and been made into stock rather than eaten directly.

This week we found ourselves in the rare situation of also having a lot of eggs, so I made a frittata. The silverbeet stems were sauteed with chopped onion and some sliced spicy 'sausages', then in went the silverbeet leaves and, once they'd started to reduce, the beaten eggs with a little milk. I topped it with parsley and cheese. This was tasty, but a lot to share between two and messy to pack for lunch at work.

I've got one more silverbeet strategy up my sleeve, but I think there'll be more of the green stuff to come. Any tips?


  1. I've been going pizza, pasta sauce & curry a lot with mine. It is hard to use it all though!

  2. It's definitely silverbeet season, we have have about 6 plants growing and usually have it most nights. I like it in the fry pan with a bit of butter and garlic. Last night I did some onions, carrot, beans and garlic in olive oil, then added some pre-cooked falafel and goats feta at the end, nice one pan meal.

  3. How about a batch of dolmades/'cabbage' roll style things? The last filling batch Lucy and I made with Cos leaves was fantastic (onion, garlic, rice, tomatoey stuff, all spice...) and would work well with silverbeet.

    Have got a heap of other ideas on the blog, mostly vego (just ignore any references to fishy things, they are fine without it)

    I reckon silverbeet goes particularly well with:

    Because it is almost always growing in the garden our fallback meal is - sb, garlic, olives or sun dried tomatoes cooked up in olive oil and a squeeze of lemon juice tossed through some gluten free pasta

  4. I love cooking it with black eyed beans and serving with toast. Needs lots of salt and pepper, good olive oil, plent of garlic and crusty bread.
    And a squeeze of lemon.

    I also make a lot of soups with it and chop it up and throw it in with dahl.
    Make a light filo, onion and silverbeet tart, or little pastries.

  5. I have found silverbeet so good when blended in a soup - with pumpkin and rice was one of my latest loves - I can also highly recommend it fried up with lots of lemon and garlic as an accompaniment to mexican food - like this meal but I don't fancy having lots of eggs to use up

  6. SAAAAAAG!You could easily use 2 bunches making a batch, I reckon.
    Or how about hunza pie? A childhood staple from my hippy parents.

  7. I've got some rainbow chard (silverbeet) growing out the back that I have been creative with too, a couple of favorites have been a pizza topping, silverbeet blanched, garlic & lemon juice added, add to pizza base on top of tomato sauce then crack an egg on top & add some mozarella. Have also made a few nice soups with it too even though it is summer

  8. A favourite of mine was silverbeet and potato calzone - garlic, lemon, onions, silverbeet and sliced potato. Yum!

  9. Thanks for the brilliant ideas, everyone! You've got me inspired with my greens again. :-)

    You also reminded me that I did actually use mine for pizza, too - I've added that link back into the post.