Monday, March 09, 2009

March 3, 2009: Tiffins II

Update 27/1/2019: Tiffins no longer operate a delivery service in Melbourne

This week's tiffin treat featured toor dal (right) and kathal sabji (left). A new one for me, kathal sabji is a jackfruit curry! The jackfruit had an interesting, somewhat fibrous texture; I detected little of its flavour since it was smothered in spices. The curry had a fabulous tanginess to it, which I guessed was tamarind, but now I wonder if it was amchur (mango powder). The spices also soaked into some large, tender chunks of potato.

A note of caution: a couple of my colleagues found the dal to be too spicy. I'm no hotshot and I coped just fine, but it's worth considering that Tiffins' one-curry-feeds-all approach may not suit every palate in the office.

You can read about my last Tiffins delivery here.

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