Friday, March 06, 2009

February 26, 2009: Tiffins

Update 27/1/2019: Tiffins no longer operate a delivery service in Melbourne

I've whinged more than once or twice (both here and on other blogs) about the great city breakfasts and lunches that Michael and I miss out on, since our jobs are based outside the CBD. However, my in-the-know colleague Mich recently revealed some incredible news - city Indian lunch service Tiffins delivers to the University of Melbourne! Within half an hour I'd devoured every word of information from their website. Vegetarian tiffins - which contain rice, a small wholemeal naan, and two curries - go for just $7 each, with free delivery, dirty container pickup, and no minimum order. The featured curries change daily and they're posted on the website two weeks in advance. For $1 or two extra you can order a meat curry or larger portion (sadly there are no vegan or gluten-free variations) but having now sampled the standard-sized vego model, I reckon it'll have you completely satisfied (if not over-full).

Tiffins' lunches are naturally delivered in a tiffin carrier - these plastic models are well insulated and screw together easily. There's a spoon sitting in the bottom layer, too, so you've no need for office kitchenware - just a napkin, pehaps, as you gleefully slurp your meal! On this Thursday the featured curries were a yellow chickpea dal and veg manchurian (vegetable dumplings in a spicy sauce). While not incredibly delicate, everything was delicious and jaw-droppingly good value for money. The seven of us who joined in on this first tiffin lunch agreed that it must become a regular event, and Mich is now responsible for taking weekly orders for Tiffin Tuesday. As a contented packed-lunch eater most of the week, there's now less reason than ever to begrudge city workers their weekday cafes.

Ph: 1300 TIFFINS (yes, really - i.e. 1300 843 436)
Price: standard veg tiffins $7


  1. Wow! That's such a bargain! Thanks for the tip.

  2. Wow, that looks pretty awesome Cindy. And much much variety too, and for only $7 delivered.

    I remember hearing about tiffin lunches in the UK (I think from Gordon Ramsey's show). As well as a few other shows. Wasn't aware we had such a thing in Melbourne.

    Like you, i'm also a packed-lunch eater most of the time.

  3. Ah, everyone at my old work was addicted to Tiffins.

    I never tried it though, I always spent the time trawling through my own left overs.

    Lucky girl.

  4. Oh I heard about this but haven't tried it yet... nice to see some photos to help me make my decision! Think I'll give it a go soon.

  5. Our work gets it all the time ... I am sad sad sad that they don't do vegan cos it smells amazing and everyone gets to do yummy bonding together ... which I like to think is exclusively MY thing!!

  6. yes it is sad there's no vegan because i would get it just for the fact i get to eat out of stackable containers!

  7. This is something I've been meaning to try for, well, years now. I'm so slack... I've seen the tiffin bike around the streets, and they deliver to a few people in my building. I really should get going and try it out.

  8. Mum mentioned this to me after seeing them at work... looks like a winner to me. Any lunch I can buy near my work is at least that expensive, so for days when i don't have leftovers to bring in, i'm looking forward to giving it a go.