Sunday, March 22, 2009

March 20, 2009: Honeycomb

I popped in to Allergy Block on Friday for a couple of groceries and Simon generously sent me off with a bonus sample of honeycomb - he'd just damaged the seal on the container and couldn't sell it on. This stuff comes straight from the beekeeper, Vincent Testa from Templestowe - the honey is still encased in the wax cells that the bees built to store it. Biting in, it is of course bursting with sweetness; I liked the chewy texture of the wax and the way it extended the honey flavour. Thankfully Simon instructed me to not to swallow the wax, as gulping down that hard clump would make for a slightly uncomfortable finish!

Honey-lovers are bound to find this experience irresistable. It is nothing like the sugar/water/bicarbonate of soda confection seen in Crunchie and Violet Crumble bars. Does anyone know how this sponge toffee came to be called honeycomb?


  1. Re: sponge toffee - i only came to this realisation recently, when i caught outback adventurer extraordinaire Malcolm Douglas on tv whipping some up in a billy kettle!

  2. oh yum, fresh honey!! I love chewing on the wax....sometimes I even swallow it. I've never had any problems before. But I'm sure a big wad of it is bound to block something!

  3. Honeycomb in a billy - that is hilarious! (I wouldn't turn it down if I was in outback/billy kettle territory.)

    Maria, I'm sure a bit of it won't do you any harm - perhaps my bites are larger and greedier than yours. :-)