Wednesday, February 27, 2008

February 23, 2008: Aix creperie

Michael and I hit the Taste of Slow Food Festival stalls a little before lunch on Saturday. I'd intentionally eaten a light breakfast, remembering the array of foods we gobbled down at last year's Flour Festival. Unfortunately for us the stalls were looking a lot fewer and a lot meatier this year. Michael bought a coffee and, uninspired, we plotted an alternative city lunch. We batted around a couple of ideas before Michael suggested Aix creperie, and I knew immediately it was just what I wanted.

Aix (how does one pronounce that?) is in glamourously grungy Centre Place, just a few doors down from the Jungle Juice Bar. This alleyway is a place to perch at an outdoor table and people-watch, or stick your nose in a serious book and be watched as you nonchalantly get your caffeine and nicotine fixes. While Michael had his second shot of caffeine, and I contented myself with watching the parade.

Aix already has its share of admirers (Serenity Later, Simon and the Age have all reviewed it) and I can see why. It's charmingly cosy and allows you to pretend you're in Paris for just a few moments. There's a display case bursting with baguettes (most of them meaty) and a range of crepes (more veg-friendly) for less than $10 each. I want-want-wanted a sweet one but it was lunch time, so I ordered a filling of field mushrooms, taleggio cheese and spinach ($7.50). I was very pleased with how dark and flavoursome the mushies were.

Michael went for a filling of goats cheese, red peppers, spinach and thyme (also $7.50). The sweet roasted peppers smelled lovely, but I had no chance of a bite before Michael polished it all off.

Aix well and truly salvaged what would otherwise have been a disappointing outing. I'm keen to return for a sweet crepe or three, but it's a bit out of the way of our usual activities. If nothing else, our irregular patronage will give you a better chance of snagging a vacant seat - there aren't that many to go around!

Address: 24 Centre Place, Melbourne CBD
Ph: 9662 2667
Allegedly BYO
Price: veg crepes $4.50-$7.50


  1. Yay for Aix! I've had both of those crepes before and they are the bomb, especially the goaty one.

    It's named after the Aix-en-Provence, a gorgeous town in the South of France, and to pronounce it properly say "eggs" but with an "x" on the end - in a French accent... :)

    I'm such a bad food blogger - too busy at work to have planned anything for the F&W fest. Have I left it too late?

  2. Thanks for the little French lesson, Claire. :-)

    Check out the F&W fest website - there's still a bit going on that you might be able to get tickets to. And don't forget the $30 weekday lunch specials! (I had one today, yum.)

  3. I have never been to Aix, but I do like a good crepe, so it sounds like one to check out.

  4. While my crepe-loving heart properly belongs to Breizoz (their rhubarb and coconut ice cream crepe caused me to suffer an acute case of bliss), it's always nice to hear of other perveyors of Frenchy pancake joy. The field mushroom option is already getting my heart racing!

  5. I just saw you were also at the taste of slow marketplace - I have to say I was bowled over by the excellent salad from culinaire and have even made an attempt to reproduce it and blogged about it tonight. But I did expect to get a few more foods to eat while there!

    Love your photo of the centre place graffiti - we always like to check it out when we go through!

  6. Hi Cakelaw! :-) It's a great little spot to visit, at least once.

    Hayley, I think I would prefer Breizoz's crepes slightly over these for texture. However the Centre Place atmosphere makes these a rather special experience!

    Hi Johanna! I noticed your delicious-looking salad this morning - glad you found something to enjoy at the festival. I think our indifference to it came from expectations built up from last year.

  7. i reviewed it too. review is on my site