Monday, February 11, 2008

February 4, 2008: The East Brunswick Club

Edit 22/05/2012: The EBC has now closed, but most of the menu has migrated to The Cornish Arms.
We had another shot at a vege dog little more than 24 hours later, on Monday night. At this time, we'd arranged to meet up with Mike and Jo-Lyn, Tracy and Lee and Daniel for the East Brunwick Club's weekly special of free pool, $10 jugs and $10 hot dogs. Ten bucks is arguably a fair bit to ask for a hot dog, but as you can see they come with chips and salad. There are a few different varieties as well - cheese kransky, not-so-American chilli, old skool, Greek style and, most importantly, the Not-Dog.

So, how'd it measure up?
  • Chips: satisfactory, though not awesome. To be fair, though, the bowl of chips we ordered earlier were excellent so there's obviously some fluctuation.
  • Salad: great.
  • Frank: one standard-size, exactly what we were looking for yesterday.
  • Toppings: no sign of the promised "garlic mushrooms, roasted vegetables and melted imported Vegan cheese", just ketchup'n'mustard. The condiments were fine, but seriously - what gives?
  • Bun: fancy sourdough. Cool for a gourmet sandwich, but impractically chewy here.
The vege dog of choice clearly still resides at Bowl of Soul. But it's worth noting that the East Brunswick Club offers a number of other veg*n-friendly meals on their standard menu, including a $17 vegan 'chicken' parma. It cannot go untested! (Nor has it, really - Harriet and Kristy already love it.)

Address: 280 Lygon St, East Brunswick
Ph: 9388 2777
Price: not-dogs $10, other veg mains $10-17


  1. Not that it is a hot dog, but when I am craving something similar, I usually head to cafe green on sydney rd. It's opposite barkly square and I usually leave regretting all the food I have shoved down my throat.

  2. Welcome, Bunches. :-) I've walked past that cafe numerous times but not visited it yet - thanks for the recommendation. (I think it was a recommendation? I don't really want an aftertaste of regret. :-P)

  3. A review of club food - I love it. I agree no hot dog should be served in a sourdough roll. It's just wrong.

    I think it would be hilarious to set up a blog on club food that reviews nothing but chicken kiev.

  4. KJ, since I can get as much pleasure per dollar spent out of a club meal as I can out of a high-end restaurant, I think they deserve thorough investigation. :-)

    I would be great to have a baseline dish such as kiev to compare across pubs & clubs!