Tuesday, February 19, 2008

February 14, 2008: Vege2Go

Update 27/1/2019: Vege2Go is now trading as a seller of pre-made meals and snacks rather than as a restaurant or cafe.

Vege2go opened in Brunswick less than a fortnight ago with a disproportionate amount of internet buzz. Their shiny website, myspace and Facebook presence (?!), and tendency to leave bloggers crazy-enthusiastic comments no doubt helped. Consequently they've already been reviewed by Kiki, UM and FoodieFi. We don't have a lot to add, but here's a few notes.

The Good:
  • A bright, happy interior with all meals on display and incredibly friendly, helpful people who'll serve them to you.
  • Fast and cheap - a full stomach will only cost you $10 and 5 minutes of waiting.
  • It's the most nutritious-looking fast food I've seen in yonks - a rainbow of beautiful salads and no glistening oil in the hotbox.
  • Pesto mushrooms.
  • All vegetarian, with a number of gluten-free and vegan options.
  • Pesto mushrooms.
  • Did I mention the pesto mushrooms?
The Bad:
  • Foods that have been loitering in a display case inevitably don't have the greatest texture. For example, my calzone was reheated in a sandwich press and as a result had a hard, chewy crust.
  • The flourless chocolate cake really lacked flavour. What was all that brown, if not cocoa?
The Ugly:
  • While Vege2go touts its dedication to vegetarianism and the contribution this makes to sustainability, we had to rely on plastic cutlery even while eating in. (We got real plates, though, and a real fork for dessert - weird, huh?) This also necessitated a hands-on approach to devouring the calzone.
Vege2go offers the kind of food we like to make at home, and I think we'll be better off continuing to make it at home. However it's an excellent alternative the multitude of fast foods out there and on that basis I'm hoping they'll make a killing (erm, so to speak).

Address: 452 Lygon St, Brunswick East
Ph: 9384 6200
Price: vege meal $8.95-$13.95
Website: www.vege2go.com.au


  1. I love how green and friendly the restaurant looks! I'm not sure how a fast food place could get around the plastic utensil thing - maybe encourage customers to bring their own? Even still, you'd have to keep some on hand for those who forget and need a fork on the go.

    Mmmm...pesto mushrooms!

  2. Thanks for some very useful information - haven't even heard of this one yet so will look out for it - actually thought the photo looked a little like a hospital waiting room at first glance but then I saw how it could be construed as funky and colourful (isn't that what hospitals are after these days too?)

  3. You beat me.

    I've had the pics in my camera for a week now but been to slack to post about it.

    I found the vegan calzone dry too and we reheated it in the oven.

  4. Hey - thanks for your feedback!

    I'm on the vege2go team (the webmaster, and the one brother in the family) and I wanted to respond to and clarify a couple of things you mentioned.

    Firstly, and most importantly, we do actually offer stainless steel cutlery for those who eat in - you may have just missed it! They're located in the same place, at the waiter's station.

    Secondly, we didn't make that crazy-enthusiastic comment (although we are flattered that a stranger would give us such a plug)!

    Glad you enjoyed the pesto mushrooms ;-)

    Warm regards.

  5. Welcome, Monica K. :-) I think some plastic utensils are probably inevitable, I was just confused that I received them for some parts of my meal and not others - Vege2go are clearly washing and reusing eat-in plates and some cutlery. Looks like Stefano has cleared up that concern though!

    You're welcome, Johanna - I'll be interested to know your opinion on it when you visit!

    Hi Kristy! I was pretty surprised to be pipped to the post by THREE other reviews. :-) Their online presence is obviously helping.

    Welcome, Stefano! Thanks very much for joining in here, it's great to know you'll be a bit interactive. I didn't see the SS cutlery when I grabbed mine and will keep an eye out for it next time. Your team must be doing something right to have such a devoted fan already! :-D

  6. It is great that they have a thorough website. I am always suprised how many restaurants don't make use of their internet marketing possibilites. They either have no web presence at all or they have a website that is completely useless. Yes, I'm looking at you Shakihari.

  7. Ah, the pesto mushroom. I improvised with a take-away one tonight, dicing it up and frying with some zucchini and thyme, then stirring through pasta spirals. Loads of flavour!

  8. I agree, Sarah - I especially like to see a menu on a restaurant's website when I'm after takeaway. And what is with the Shakahari one? They have spots marked "menu", "bookings" etc but they don't link to anything?!

  9. Oh yum, FoodieFi, that sounds like a great dinner!

  10. Yeah, I love to see a detailed online menu. It annoys me a little when website lists an extensive meat filled menu and with just a little note at the bottom saying vegetarian options available. I need details!

    Next time you guys have a special occasion and a little cash to splash about you should check out Circa in St Kilda. They have an incredible Vegetarian Degustation Menu. It changes regularly. We've been twice and it is just amazing.
    Here is their website in full glorious detail:

  11. Thanks for the Circa tip-off, Sarah! You may have noticed from our archives that we love to try vego degustation menus, though we only splurge 2-3 times a year for special occasions. Circa is going on the wishlist. :-)