Friday, February 29, 2008

February 29, 2008: Tokyo treats

After some food and chatter, Matt revealed the gifts he'd been carrying around for us over the past few days. There was an enormous graphic novel for Michael and pretty decorated origami paper for me. Then, to my surprise, there was more! One by one, Matt revealed shiny package after shiny package - samples of all kinds of junk food.

He explained that he wanted to show us something from his everyday life that was different, and I knew what he meant. When I spent a semester studying in upstate New York I loved slowly browsing the supermarket on my own, marvelling at the bright and unfamiliar convenience foods. (There were nine brands of breakfast cereal that included marshmallows! Nine!) This gift was perfect, especially given the high ratio of chocolate to other stuff.

I won't go through them all in detail now - they'll get a post each as we gradually eat them, and I think they deserve a tag of their own!


  1. Last time I checked, Pocky contained shortening and is unsuitable for vegetarians. You should also check the ingredients list for the Collon, just in case.

  2. Thanks for bringing that to our attention! The packets are obviously printed only in Japanese, but a brief bout of internet research confirms that they both most likely contain shortening.