Tuesday, February 19, 2008

February 13, 2008: Cherry & vanilla ice cream

So I have a new and completely inessential appliance...

It's my second ice cream maker.

The first one churned out many, many batches of sweet cold goodness. But it's not been looking good lately, with the few scratches on the inner metal wall developing into potholes. My decision to update proved to be a good one, three times over. First, I found a very similar model for $10 less than I paid for my original churner seven years ago. Even better, it's much much quieter. Finally, I pulled out my old canister when I got home and found that one of the potholes was seeping a clear, viscous liquid. Ewww. That should not be getting churned into my dessert.

So instead this batch of cherry and vanilla ice cream went into my new clean machine. I used the vanilla component of this raspberry ripple ice cream recipe - it's now my favourite base and conveniently uses whole eggs! - and just dabbed it with teaspoons of sour cherry jam as I poured it into a box. The result is rather special, with my new churner giving lighter, softer ice cream than I've made for a few years.

Now I have an extra reason for hoping summer will stick around a little longer.


  1. Beautiful shot, Cindy.

    For the new ice cream maker I can highly recommend David Lebovitz's book and blog. Gave it (the book, that is) to my ice cream-obessesed mother for Xmas and have been copying recipes for us ever since. The cherry sorbet will blow your socks off.

  2. That is amazing that you have used your ice cream maker that much that you are onto a second - I sometimes think about buying one but I am not a great icecream lover and feel it is not something I can justify finding room for. But your cherry and vanilla icecream looks lovely

  3. That looks amazing. Can you let us know the brand and model of your icecream maker? (And where in Melbourne is best to pick one up?)

  4. Thanks Lucy! I subscribe to DL's blog and have been accumulating his icecream recipes as I see them on other people's blogs. :-) If the watermelon sorbet works out, I might buy the book for the cherry one!

    Yes, Johanna, it's the kind of appliance that could easily be used once or twice and then languish forever more in the back of the cupboard! I'm actually finding it to be a great alternative to baking in the summer.

    Hiya NeedaSassyName. :-) I bought this one from Myer in the city for about $50. I checked Target first and they didn't have any, but otherwise didn't really shop around.

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