Tuesday, January 29, 2008

January 23, 2008: Mistaken muffins

If you're a regular reader of this blog, this picture has probably already triggered a line of thought: "Huh, Cindy's never-ending quest for the perfect afternoon snack! More muffins... probably with wholemeal flour looking at the colour of them. I wonder what the dots are?"

Those dots are $12 worth of organic dried blueberries, and they're encased in the world's worst tasting muffins. Ever. I shan't name and shame the recipe, because the shame's all mine. I just took a couple of peeks at the internet-sourced recipe over Michael's shoulder while he busied himself with Pro Evolution Soccer, sifting the 2 tablespoons of baking soda I thought belonged into the batter. Only it was meant to be 2 teaspoons.

Surprisingly the muffins didn't overflow like volcanos into the oven, retaining their usual shape and colour. They smelled like my vegan muffins. But they tasted like... cement, putty, bricks? Something better suited to home renovation.


  1. OUCH! Those are expensive mistaken muffins.

  2. thanks for blogging about the bad as well as the good (and excellent!) - I like to know I am not the only one with disasters - have just blogged about a cake I threw in the bin this week - seems such a waste of time, hope and food, doesn't it!

  3. Hey Cindy,

    I used to read your fab food blog once upon a time, but then disappeared off the internet radar.

    Just letting you know I've resurfaced, started reading your blog again and have linked you to my relocatd blog: http://flamingointhekitchen.wordpress.com/

    Hope your cooking adventures continue to be fun!

  4. Yes, Agnes, if only I'd known I would have just gobbled up the blueberries as they were!

    Johanna, I think I'd prefer to blog the full spectrum! It's the only way I'll learn. This is the first thing in a long time that's gone straight in the bin... I suppose I could have painstakingly picked out and salvaged the blueberries but I didn't have the heart. :-)

    Welcome back, DF! I'll update my link list and RSS reader in just a moment.

  5. What a waste of those expensive blueberries.

    I too had a mini baking disaster this week too. I tried to make creme caramel and ended up burning the caramel three times and two fingers. Luckily, I perservered and got the most delicious dessert.

  6. heh, love it!

    (shame about the blueberries of course).

    you will have read, no doubt, my next macaron adventure in the syrup and tang comments... they're not really a disaster at all but the quest goes on!

    I'm just trying to think of my latest botch-up... i had a lot of nasty 'bread' when i started :P

  7. Thanh and Stoo, you two are the most patient, persistent and perfectionist bakers I know! I'm glad you push through these mistakes to share tasty treats with people like me. :-)

  8. Oh no! There's nothing more soul destroying for the cook than putting so much work and love (and expensive blueberries!) into a meal only for it to result in a culinary catastrophe (and this is coming from a girl who's managed to set fire to meals, so the feeling is very familiar!).

  9. Indeed, Hayley, and I was in a pretty awful mood for the rest of the evening! Of course it's a story to laugh over 24 hours later... even if in those 24 hours you're given a stunning and envy-inducing morsel of baking from Stoo over there! >:-)

  10. Oh goodness gracious me-ness! What a pity:( We all have moments like those, just some of us are unlucky in the timing. Could you pick out the blueberries and suck on them?

  11. Heh, Duncan, I suppose I could have but it I took the more dignified approach of a solid hour-long sulk. :-D