Thursday, January 10, 2008

January 4, 2008: White Lotus III

Edit 11/11/2017: Sadly White Lotus is no longer in business, but there's a Loving Hut here now.

Friday found Cindy craving a fix of Chinese-style fake meats, so we met up after work at White Lotus in West Melbourne. White Lotus leads the way following our preliminary explorations of the fake-meat scene in Melbourne, and has the added advantage of being on our side of town. We continued our exploration of their menu: curry 'chicken'($13.50) for me, sweet and sour 'pork' ($13.50) for Cindy and some steamed vegies (pictured above, $12) for the pair of us to pick at.

The chicken was great - tender and melty the way good curried chicken should be. The curry was fine, with a good amount of spice and some nice fresh vegies, but I couldn't help imagining how great it would be to find an Indian restaurant that made fake meat curries with pseudo-chicken this good. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed a good chicken korma.

Luckily for me I resisted tasting Cindy's sweet and sour pork until she was eating the leftovers for lunch the next day. Otherwise I could easily have found myself volunteering to knock the leftovers off on the night, which could only have ended in some sort of terrible over-eating related accident. Suffice to say: it was pretty damn good.

The prices have gone up slightly, but the service is still friendly and the food remains worth the trip. A note for next time: it's BYO, remember to BYO!

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