Monday, December 31, 2007

December 26, 2007: Boxing Day

Like Christmas day itself, Boxing Day has its traditions. Mountains of sandwiches made from leftover ham or turkey, or perhaps an ultra-competitive excursion to the nearest department store for the end of year sales. Or just planting yourself squarely in front of the Boxing Day test with a cold drink and an optional afternoon snooze. For this Christmas in Melbourne we made the latter a live experience accompanied by my brother Liam, my Mum, and two of Mum's sisters.

My main knowledge of sports ground catering revolved around lukewarm meat pies, so a small insulated bag of veg-friendly food seemed a necessary, if cumbersome, accessory. Number 1 essential ingredient? A 2 litre bottle of water, half of it frozen overnight and then topped up in the morning. Sitting all day is thirsty work.

No leftovers here, thankyou very much. Instead we had fresh super sandwiches for all. I was astounded to discover that the MCG now houses a falafel stand, so a lazy vego can still be guaranteed a feed without their own personal sandwich stack!

As a kid I only ate the fruit to earn myself an icecream, but now I actually crave it in the heat. I ate two nectarines and my stomach thanked me for it.

Here come the obligatory leftovers, all of them sugary.

A beer and chips are still part of the experience. Just don't peak too early! You'll miss the streaker when he somersaults onto the field at 5:00.

I hope none of us need a lecture about being sun-smart: hats, sunglasses and sunscreen should be the uniform. But here's bit I didn't heed - even when it's 20 degrees and breezy in the shade, the light reflection will get you. It's the only way I can explain my sunburnt eyelids and forehead.


  1. Looks like you had a fabulous bounty of treats to keep you folks happy! What a great day out! I'm all for hauling out a sumptuous feast to take to a sporting event, though i'm with you cannot forgo the obligatory hot chips!!! Something about eating hot chips in a crowded arena, having to wait a very long time to order and paying something ridiculous for them that makes them extra tasty - esp. if you send someone else to wait in line for you ;)

  2. We have a lot in common, Serenity! I believe hot chips are an obligatory part of many an occasion and (*blush*) I sent Michael off to get these ones. :-D

  3. leftovers, posh sandwiches, beer and chips - sounds like you had the best of all worlds - it is years since I went to the cricket but I presume it is still a great day out!

    By the way my sister got burnt once sitting under an umbrella by a pool - so I understand that the sun can get you in so many unexpected ways!

  4. Johanna, it is amazing how insidiously the sun can reach a couple of freckle faces like Michael and I! But it was a small blip on an otherwise enjoyable day, and the discomfort was over within two days.