Tuesday, December 18, 2007

December 10, 2007: The Vegie Bar

Cindy and I returned from our big weekend in the Grampians lacking the energy to cook for ourselves. Luckily, the Vegie Bar provides the kind of varied and affordable menu that can fulfill almost any lazy desire. Not only that, they provide a welcome respite from a weekend of excessive port-drinking with a wide array of delicious freshly-made juices. Refreshing!

Cindy was immediately taken in by the promise of the 4 mushroom pie with chips and salad ($10.50) on the specials list. It wasn't overly sauced - the mushrooms really did all the flavour-work, still not quite living up to Cindy's own TVP and mushroom spectacular.

I was just after a simple stir-fry, and the Vegie Bar have a range of options. I went for the satay sauce variety and I've never seen a bigger satay stir-fry. It was humungous - filled with tofu, vegies, sauce and rice. It fitted my mood perfectly - maybe a little extra spice would have been worthwhile, but it's hard to complain when you're paying $12.50 for a ridiculous mountain of fresh, tasty food.

The Vegie Bar is probably not the most exciting vego restaurant in Melbourne (I think Shakahari leads that race), but it's consistently good, has a magnificently varied menu and is great value for money. Which explains why this is the 5th time we've blogged it. Read about our previous visits here: one, two, three, four.


  1. Glad tp hear you are still loving the vegie bar - last time I went it was noisy and messy and we left without ordering but I was hoping it was a bad day rather than a great veg cafe going downhill - have had too many good meals there to not go back

  2. Yeah, it can be really noisy but I think we timed it well. This time we went early (~6.30) on a Monday evening in the unlicensed section, so there wasn't a huge crowd. Probably the best service we've received yet!