Wednesday, December 19, 2007

December 12, 2007: Queen Victoria Night Markets

The Queen Victoria Night Markets are back! At this time it's packed with people Christmas shopping or, like us, just after something to eat. The stalls are looking rather similar to last summer - the okonomiyaki (from Akari) are still hot, saucy and full of cabbage but have risen to $5.

We couldn't resist revisiting Gringo Vibes, ordering a soft bean taco each ($3.50 apiece). Jalapenos and hot sauce are added to your preference.

Surprisingly it was Michael who pushed for dessert, ordering fruit of the forest crepes ($7). It was a very large serving, with good vanilla ice-cream and a slurp of maple syrup on the side.

Although the chorizo stand's smoke will contaminate anything you eat, there's still plenty for vegos to choose from. The panzarotti are back, there are Indian curries and Ethiopean stews, Thai and savoury crepes. For dessert I spied Queen Vic institutions the jam doughnut van and churros stall. Aim for the floral pink stand to view lots of prissy pastel cupcakes, but be prepared to use your nails if you want to progress through the ranks of cooing women and possess one.

It's crazy and crowded and you're probably better off skipping the crafts but just once this summer, head to the Queen Vic Night Market and eat on your feet.

You can read about our previous visit to the night market here.


  1. I love the summer food night markets at Queen Vic. I did find the food fairly pricey last year when I went. The cupcake prices were insane, like $4 for one. They looked fantastic but I was willing to part with that much money for a cupcake.

  2. Claire, it was worth it. :-)

    Thanh, I agree that it's not the cheapest food around but it's pretty good fun when you're in the mood to try a bunch of fatty stall treats. And much as I love my sweets, I'm not *that* excited about cupcakes.

  3. Oh I do so love okinomiyaki (or however you spell it). I'm going to be in Melbourne at the beginning of February, so I'm adding that to my list of things to do!

  4. I hope you enjoy the markets and the rest of Melbourne, Kathryn! Drop us an email at wheresthebeef_blog[at] if you want any more edible recommendations for your trip... or just check out the huge list of Melbourne food blogs ->.


  5. If you plan to go back I highly recommend the wraps from the veggie curry man. I had the carrot and cashew patty one and it was very good!

  6. Sounds great, Kristy! I love cashews. Michael says he had one on an unblogged occasion last year.