Monday, December 31, 2007

December 30, 2007: Coco Loco

Update 31/12/2014: Coco Loco has changed its name to Papasito and its emphasis to Mexican food. It's still run by the same owner and still has a decent range of vegan options.

After a wander along High St on a hot day, I finally managed to steer Michael into Coco Loco for a proper look. I've been keen to visit this chocolate shop for some time - it's vegan-friendly, organic and uses only Fair Trade cocoa and coffee. The menu is long and impressive: there are hot and iced chocolates, mochas and cocktails as well as a display cabinet of house-made truffles. Chocolate promenades with various fruit, nut and spice combinations; drink orders are made with your preference in temperature (hot or iced), milk (dairy, soy or Kashew Mylk) and chocolate concentration (light, medium, deep).

We both needed a deep chocolate fix on ice, and gave the family Kashew Mylk recipe a go. They were frothy, icy cold and not too rich - just what was needed in the prevailing weather. However there was a bit of a powdery texture (whether from the chocolate or the cashew I'm not sure) which wasn't ideal. The orange in my Kleopatra's brew ($10) was barely apparent, thought the lemon myrtle in Michael's D'Amore (also $10) was stronger.

I think I like Coco Loco more in theory than in practice. I dig the ethically-sourced ingredients but think the prices are a smidge steep. The menu looks incredible, but the product (while good) didn't quite match up. The vibe is modern and very clean, but also a bit pretentious. I guess I'll just have to buy a few more chocolates to help me determine my true feelings for Coco Loco!

Address: 219 High St, Northcote
Ph: 9482 7033
Price: iced chocolates $10


  1. I know you probably think that I'm biased as a vegan but I looovve cocoloco. I've taken a few non-vegans there and they have loved it too. I'm sorry you didn't feel the same.

    I love the owners (khaled) passion for his product and just the fact that he serves customers himself it is so refreshing compared to all these chocolate type chains.

    The prices are expensive and have just gone up. But you have to remember that you are buying organic fairtrade ingredients. The costs of the raw ingredients are significantly more than regular chocolate.

    Maybe it was just a bad night.

  2. Kristy, I really wanted to love this place and I'm glad you shared your opinion! I still plan to go back at least once more to try other parts of the menu - I haven't completely written it off.

    I'm prepared to pay more for fair trade and organic ingredients, but I rarely find the prices to be double the 'standard' version. I got the (possibly mistaken) impression that I was paying for the slick image as much as the ethically-sourced ingredients.

  3. I've been to CocoLoco once recently with a couple of non-vegan friends.
    We had the hot chocolates (they had mediums, I had the full deep experience), and while the texture was slightly grainy, it wasn't unpleasant.

    But the true highlight were the truffles! Three of us had them (one of us opted for the crepe, which she enjoyed very much, even if it was "too chocolatey" for her taste - is there such a thing??)

    I'd definitely give it a second chance if I were you. It's a great, expensive place with an acquired taste, but the simple fact that you can make hot chocolate out of cashews is too fascinating to pass up. ^_^

  4. Looks like I've uncovered another devoted fan, Kiki. :-)

    I am keen to at least try the truffles, so I'll be back to Coco Loco for those when the weather's less melty.