Tuesday, May 08, 2007

May 6, 2007: Celeriac and Worcestershire soup

Our weekend was pretty unhealthy: there was leftover lasagne, a repeat visit to Ume Nomiya and, worst of all for our waistlines: impossibly cheesey (but delicious) Indian. To make amends, I was keen for something reasonably healthy on Sunday evening. Calling once again on Cindy's list of other blogs' recipes (I think we've almost stopped using our recipe books altogether), I settled on celeriac and worcestershire soup from stonesoup. Most of the soup recipes Cindy's tagged involve cream and, while there's a bit of milk in this one, I figured it would at least start to repair the damage done over the weekend.

I'd never cooked with celeriac before, but it was all pretty straightforward (I followed the recipe to the letter, so follow the link for details). Everything just gets cooked up in a pot, spun through the food processor and served up, with the sauce left until the end to provide some colour to a pretty plain-looking mush. The food processor struggled a little to completely liquify the celeriac, and we were left with something approaching the consistency of baby food. Which was fine when it was straight from the pot, but was less appetising as leftovers the next day. The real problem with the leftovers may have been my idiotic failure to add the sauce to the mix - it really does add a lot to the sweet celeriac flavour.


  1. I'd forgotten about this soup...thanks for reminding me...but you're soo right it really does need the sauce

  2. With the sauce, I think this is worth repeating for sure! Thanks for posting a great recipe yet again, Jules!