Sunday, May 06, 2007

May 2, 2007: Vegetarian Lasagne

I've tried a few different recipes for lasagne, and have struggled to find one that we enjoy through the inevitable five days of leftovers. While we were up in Queensland recently, Anne (the wife of Cindy's Dad) served up a delicious effort and Cindy was switched on enough to ask her where she'd found the recipe. Turns out the Internet was the inspiration, as it so often is. Armed with a link to the recipe, an unenthusiastic Cindy and a backpack full of vegies, I decided to give it a shot for Wednesday night's meal.

It's an exhausting process: peeling, chopping and roasting a kilo of vegies, cooking up the tomato sauce, making the cheese sauce, assembling and the cooking. You need to have a couple of spare hours before hunger will kick in, otherwise you'll end up reaching for the snacks while the tray is still in the oven. Luckily, the results were worth it: the roasted vegies were tender, the pesto-based sauce tasty and the cheese sauce gooily unhealthy. Mmmmm...cheesy. There's still a little bit sitting in the fridge, but we've each had dinner and two lunches out of it so far without getting too fed up, which is high praise indeed.


  1. I love veg lasagne. I use a Delia Smith Recipe that is on her website -,866,RC.html I add a good tomato pasta type sauce to add extra moisture to the lasagne and its really easy to make.

  2. That recipe looks pretty good too! I like your idea of using a ready-made pasta sauce. Thanks for showing us that link, Mary. :-)

  3. Nice.

    My favourite lasagne used to be the spinach lasagne at Romeo's in Toorak Village but I haven't been there for a while.

  4. Spinach and cheese are a pretty good combination, so I can see that working well!

    A few months ago, Michael trialled a recipe with silverbeet and four kinds of cheese. The pleasure:bad health ratio wasn't as high as we anticipated and it went unblogged.