Friday, May 25, 2007

May 22, 2007: Breizoz II

With another weeknight gig on the menu, Michael and I returned to Breizoz to sample the savoury crepes (or galettes, as the locals call them). The menu recommends enjoying a galette with cider, and a specially imported one at that ($15.50 per 750mL bottle). Who were we to argue? The traditional brew was a delicate balance of sweet and tart.

We agreed to share two galettes: cheese and leek (from the specials board, ~$12) and mushroom ($8). Another successful balancing act here: the crepes are equal parts crisp and tender, the fillings somewhat salty and fatty but not too much so. We finish feeling filled, but only just - a larger appetite would necessitate two galettes, or at least a diversion to the sweet crepe menu.

(You can read about our previous visit to Breizoz here.)


  1. the cider looks like a good accompaniment to the crepes - I am not a connoisseur of alcoholic beverages but always like an attractive label :-) I must try Breizoz some time!

  2. Johanna, a tart glass of cider is an excellent way to cut through some melted cheese or creamy mushrooms. :-)