Sunday, May 20, 2007

May 19, 2007: Mushroom Manwich

Three reasons why this meal was destined to appear on our table this week:

3. Paul and Freya's Burger Ballyhoo blog event!

One reason why you need to try them RIGHT NOW:

They're freakin' awesome. Washed down with an imported ale, this is posh pub grub in your own home with an unlimited supply of paper napkins to wipe that saucy grin off your face.

Here's the rundown on creating your own not-steak sandwich...

The 'steak'
Get yourself one or two massive portabello mushrooms per person. Brush both sides with a bit of balsamic vinegar, then oven bake or barbeque until tender, brushing occasionally with more balsamic. It'll take less than 15 minutes.

The sauce
Ange's garlic crème recipe over here. You only need a half quantity for 2-4 burgers. The fresh garlic gives it lots of bite: roast your own for a sweeter, wussier version.

The onions
Slow-cook onion rings (half an onion per person) on low heat for as long as you can resist eating them, at least half an hour. Splash a teensy bit of balsamic on and inhale those smoky fumes of caramelisation. Thank the Lord that the word caramel applies even to vegetables!

The bun
You know what you like - choose your own. We had ciabatta rolls.

The salad
Thick sliced tomato and green leaves of your choice.

The sides
More green leaves. Potato wedges, baked in a smidge of olive oil until tender, lightly salted. More garlic crème for dipping those wedges.

If you are crazy enough to have not yet left your seat to make your own manwich, then let me direct you to one more excellent burger/chip combo that will dance in your mouth like Aishwarya Rai: eastern vegetarian burgers with spiced potatoes.

Now go and get burgering!


  1. I'm getting out of my seat and into the kitchen now! Sounds delicious!

  2. I'm no vegetarian, but all the yummy looking vegetarian food on your blog like this one certainly looks fantastic!

    Keep it up, will have to try some of these places. ;)

  3. That's just the attitude I like to see, Truffle! ;-)

    Glad you like what you see, HarbX!

  4. I made this today (though it was the veganised burrito version) and it was amazing. Slow cooking onions? Who would have thought!

    Thankyou for the idea!

  5. Hi Buttons! Glad you enjoyed it too. :D After years of hating onions (still can't stomach raw ones) I am positively evangelical for the sweet, sloppy, slow-cooked variety!

  6. Mushrooms and caramelised onion? I'm sensing something great here. I don't know about the imported ale though. I think I'll have a nice organic cider to start and if I have any room at all after eating 36 burgers, I might wash it down with some Fiddler's Elbow.
    Thanks for this great entry and good luck with the competition.

  7. Thanks, F &/or P! I think a cider would be a very worthy match for this burger. I commend you for this crusade, but harbour some fear for your arteries. :-)