Friday, October 22, 2010

October 16, 2010: Plush Pizza III

On Saturday night we ate at Plush Pizza with four friends - this was an excellent opportunity to try a few more flavours while revisiting some favourites. I was adamant that we'd have the Potato Swoon ($13.50), which Fiona recommended to us. Unlike your typical potato-thins-and-rosemary pizza, this one has perfectly tender roast potato in chunks, the obligatory rosemary, red onion and chives (there's also mozzarella and sour cream on the non-vegan version). It's very nice indeed, though one of the less bold options.

We ordered the Chunky pizza again ($18.50) - I still can't quite believe that pickles and canned pineapple can work so well on a pizza!

Toby let me in on the secret to a vegan-friendly Barbecue pizza ($15) - have the honey-riddled barbecue sauce replaced with mustard. I was a big, big fan of the original and a mite skeptical but, heck, this was still amazing.

Ben Special ($17) was charming as ever - still not much hint of the promised spices, but mushrooms and avocado can do nothing wrong in my eyes.

The Satay was new to us (and comes recommended by Bec) - the thin layer of satay sauce is topped with button mushrooms, red onion, roast zucchini, fried tofu, fresh coriander and sesame seeds ($16). It's not too gluggy and another perfectly complementary set of flavours.

Finally, we tried the Tom Yum ($16). I was more curious about this one than I was actually expecting to enjoy it, but the first bite was a revelation! How did they get something as dry and chewy as pizza to taste so much like a soup?! The tom yum sauce was tongue-tinglingly sweet-and-sour and the toppings - mushrooms, red onion, capsicum, tomato and fried tofu - still had freshness and crunch to them. Just. Wow.

I'm repeatedly impressed at how gosh-darn smart the topping combinations are at Plush Pizza, as well as being enormously tasty. Rumour has it that this business is up for sale and I can only hope against hope there's a way for Plush to continue doing what it's doing, because it's doing it so bloody well.

Edit 10/07/11: Sadly, Plush Pizza has closed - Melbourne veg community will miss it terribly.

You can read about our previous visits to Plush Pizza here and here.


  1. omg, the tom yum! I hadn't tried it until about my fifth visit and now i don't know how i will ever be able to order anything else... on earth do these people make such delicious pizza? the best pizza i think i could ever hope to eat ever!

  2. if only we could order in those sort of pizzas I don't think I would ever cook on a work night (well I exaggerate but I would cook less)

  3. Tom Yum pizza is magical! Need more protein though.

  4. Mmmmm...potato swoon. We went last week though and decided because we'd had it so many times and may not be able to go back to Plush much more (sob) we branched out for new things, so I had the Aztec. Seeing as I'd had nachos for lunch, it wasn't my best idea, but still a great pizza.

    (Realising I never saw the comment reply in January) avocado makes my lips come out in a rash :( for special occasions it is worth it, though!

  5. I'm with ya, Louise! These are pretty much my perfect pizzas.

    Agreed, Johanna! I'd be ordering these constantly if only they delivered to our neighbourhood. :-)

    BYO protein powder, Toby. :-P

    Fiona, we still haven't tried the Aztec - must hurry back and sample it!

  6. I rarely go to Hawthorn - but these look really good! I want want want the Tom Yum pizza!

  7. Hi leaf! The tom yum pizza is amazing - well worth the trek over, I reckon. :-)