Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sonido III

November 23, 2012

It's been more than two years since we last blogged about Sonido. In the meantime, it's become my favourite coffee spot on Gertrude Street and has seen me visit almost every time I need to go out for lunch (poor old Trippy Taco is getting neglected). I've given the lunch menu a good going over, enjoying the cheesy arepa with beans, the scrambled egg option or the straight out beans and feta deal - there are only so many combos you can come up with. So when I discovered they were putting a new veggie dish on the menu to celebrate the fact that they now open on Friday nights I was pretty excited.

The night-time veg option is the championes al ajillo arepa (garlic mushroom and feta arepa, $12), which I ordered with a side of guacamole ($2). It's a nice variation from the bean-heavy lunch dishes, with the little button mushrooms given a heavy dose of garlic, dolloped generously with creamy feta. I'd recommend drizzling with hot sauce but then I'd recommend that for almost everything.

Cindy went with the arepas de queso (cheesy arepas, $8.5), with a side salad ($2.5).

The true glory of these arepas is hidden in this photo - they're stuffed with oozing fresco cheese, a mild and melty filling that works well with the salsa and guacamole that come on the side.

I've never really paid attention to the drinks page of the menu before - there's a lot to get excited about.. Sonido have recently organised a liquor licence and have a range of wine, cocktails and beer on offer. They also have South-American fruit juices (lulo, guanbana and mora), which can be turned into smoothies or milkshakes, exotic soft drinks and filtered coffees. I stuck with beer ($8), which was a pretty ideal accompaniment to my hot-sauce slathered arepa. Cindy was braver with her beverage choice (although not brave enough to try the cheesy hot chocolate), going with the home-made lemonade ($6).

As the menu notes, this is more of a "lime-onade", and was an icy and refreshing way to cool down on a warm Friday evening. I'm a huge fan of Sonido, and it's just as lovely on a Friday night as it is during the day (and it's easier to get a table for now). The service was as friendly as ever and the food never disappoints.


69 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy
0404 621 946
Arepas $6-$12 plus trimmings

Accessibility: Sonido has a flat entryway but is a little crowded inside. The outside tables are a mishmash of children-sized chairs. Ordering is at the table, with payment at a low counter. I've never wandered out to the toilets.

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