Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Pilgrim Coffee

January 19 & 22, 2012
I did a bit of coffee planning before we got to Hobart, discovering that we were going to be staying close by to two good options: Dr Coffee and Pilgrim. Dr Coffee served me a couple of excellent soy flat whites over the course of the week, but Pilgrim turned out to be the real star. Our penchant of holiday oversleeping meant that we were in need of speedy brekkies on two mornings, and Pilgrim's selection of pre-made goodies and top-notch coffee hit the mark perfectly.

On the Thursday morning we had just enough time to grab takeaway coffees and quick breakfasts to chomp down on our way to the MONA ferry. My half-sandwich of haloumi, caramelised onion and a free-range egg ($4) was outstanding - the sweet onion really standing out. It's a messy meal though - I wouldn't recommend eating and walking.

Cindy grabbed the bircher muesli with roast nectarine ($6.50), which was more transportable but maybe not quite as delicious. It was fine, but Cindy was hoping for more than just the sliver of nectarine on top.

We were back there before our flights on Sunday morning with a bit more time (props to Pilgrim for being one of a few Hobart cafes trading early on a Sunday), so we sat down this time. Like Garagistes, it's a very Melbourne-inspired fit-out: all post-industrial stylings and hip vibes.

I had another haloumi roll, but this time got greedy and combined it with a $5 bean burrito.

Once this comes out of the sandwich press it's less burrito and more a toastie. There's a good spread of hearty beans, a few slices of lightly melted cheese and a mild tomato-y salsa holding it all together. A fiver well spent.

Cindy had the roast pumpkin, haloumi and lemon zest foccacia ($9).

I snuck a quick bite of this and it was lovely, the lemon zest cutting through the sweet pumpkin and salty cheese. Good stuff.

I had a bunch of coffees from Pilgrim over the week - all were excellent. The staff were super friendly and it was a lovely, quiet space to hang out in while we waited for our flight back to Melbourne, where a place like this would be overrun with people at all hours. Hopefully the locals take a shine to this place and it thrives, 'cause we loved it.

That's the end of our Hobart posts. I can't emphasise enough what a great time we had - from the wonders of MONA and the excitement of FOMO, to the amazing tall eucalypt forests (featuring waterfalls and wild platypus!) and all of the glorious food we ate, everything about our five days in and around Hobart was spectacular. Same time next year?

It seems that only Bri Eats has reviewed Pilgrim so far - other bloggers should swing by!


Pilgrim Coffee

48 Argyle Street, Hobart
(03) 6234 0558
Brekkie treats: $4 - $9!/pages/Pilgrim-Coffee/151027994966336?sk=info

Accessibility: Pretty good - there's a flat entryway and the interior is relatively spacious. Ordering and payment happens at the counter, which varies in height. Strangely there are no toilets at all - the nearest are 'round the corner in the supermarket complex.


  1. Arrrgh! I'm disappointed that we weren't in Hobart at the same time. We could have food blog double dated, haha. Also - HOW MUCH DID YOU LOVE MONA??? <3

    (Are you guys on Facebook? I'd really like to add you! I don't get enough time to read other blogs but I'm shamefully reading Facebook often.)

    1. Ha, that would have been fun! And OMG YES I LOVE MONA MORE THAN ANYTHING.

      Sorry, we don't use facebook for anything related to this blog. If they're any good to you though, off in the side bar there's links where you can subscribe by email, follow us on blogger or subscribe via RSS.