Monday, June 07, 2010

June 3, 2010: Lord of the Fries V

Lord of the Fries have introduced yet another deep-fried temptation to their menu - onion rings!  Such is their popularity, the Melbourne Central store has repeatedly sold out of them and twice I had to console myself with an actually-very-consoling chicken burger before striking gold.  A cup of onion rings with the standard LotF Aussie sauce (tomato sauce and vinegar) will set you back $4.20, but I splashed out and paid extra for Belgian mayonnaise.  Arriving a little before the lunch rush, my much-anticipated sample was at its peak; freshly cooked and promptly served.

The good news is that these onion rings are much closer to the crunchy-tender bites that so delighted me in UK pubs two years ago than they are to the Chattanooga oil loops that so disillusioned me only weeks later.  Even better, they're vegan and gluten-free.

It looks like Lord of the Fries are set to become Australia's Lord of the Rings. 
(Yes, I went there.  Go ahead and groan.)

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  1. :) can't wait to try them! love the lord of the rings joke ;) you should try advertising hahaha hope it catches on

  2. oooh my gosh - this is dangerous knowledge you have just imparted on me - i LOVE onion rings!

  3. i haven't yet struck gold :(
    neeeeds to soon!

  4. You are tempting me to run out to the local Lord of the Fries right now. Argh. =(

  5. The wide angle lens makes that cup look very tiny

  6. I've yet to try LOTF. Those onion rings have sold me into making a visit tomorrow... rarrr!

  7. Mhmm! I had LOTF on Friday - I wish I had skipped the fries and had onion rings instead.

    PS: I groaned... but first I laughed. ;)