Sunday, October 18, 2009

October 11, 2009: Min Lokal III

When we've got a reason to be in Fitzroy on a weekend morning it's hard to ignore the siren song of Min Lokal, tucked away on George Street. Thus, we arranged to meet Mike and Jo there pre-bike shopping (Cindy is now the proud owner of a new Shogun!) and settled around a corner of one of the communal tables to get the day started. The coffee is always of a high standard, and by the time the caffeine had sunk in we were ready to get cracking on some food.

I switched things up a little, changing from my standard order of Adafina, and opting for the tallegio, potato, cauliflower, caramelised onion and rocket baked eggs (minus the standard pancetta, $15). It was a nice change - beautifully cooked as always, and given a nice kick by the taleggio - but probably a little too creamy and rich for me. I was eyeing off the olives and harissa in Jo's adafina by the time I'd got through it all.

Cindy took the high road and went for the healthier option - bircher muesli served with yoghurt, honey, grated apple, banana and strawberries ($9). Simple but effective, this was a well balanced mix of fresh fruit and muesli, with lots of nuts and seeds to keep things interesting.

Min Lokal's consistency is impressive, and it remains the inner-north's baked eggs champion. Read about our previous visits to Min Lokal here and here.


  1. yummm...the muesli looks really2 good!! I found the toast is a little too thin here, but I might come back to try the muesli.. :) [amanda]

  2. Im sold. Im heading down this weekend.

  3. Oh, I love Min Lokal, I was just there this Sunday as well. Actually, I go every week. Surprised i haven't bumped into you there.

  4. Amanda, the muesli is great! But if you have a sweet tooth the waffles are even better. :-D

    Enjoy, Penny!

    I'm surprised too, Jess! We seem to have some haunts in common. :-)