Tuesday, July 21, 2009

July 10, 2009: Las Vegan II

July 3, 2015: Las Vegan have announced that they're closing the cafe and going to focus exclusively on catering from now on - we've sampled their catering before and it's great.

Las Vegan update - their usual weekday lunch opening hours have been extended to Thursday and Friday nights! Finally a chance for me to visit them, rather than just hearing about Michael's (and reading about other bloggers') great meals. I made my meal one of their $8 wraps, this one stuffed with marinated tofu and tempeh chips, satay sauce and plenty of fresh salad. The satay sauce is sweet rather than spicy, and the tempeh and tofu come in sizable savoury chunks.

Meanwhile, Michael dug into the chilli 'non' carne ($12.50): a plate piled with rice, beans and salad and a side of corn chips and salsa.

I can see why this cafe is such a hit at lunch time: it's a cosy, homely venue with food that's comforting and not too junky. Hopefully these extended opening hours will bring Las Vegan a few more appreciative eaters from further afield.

You can read about Michael's previous visit(s) to Las Vegan here.


  1. Ah, awesome, extended trading hours!

  2. that satay wrap is my soulmate

  3. Las Vegan is now open Saturdays for breakfast, lunch and dinner!