Tuesday, September 18, 2007

September 9, 2007: Mock tuna salad

We've been enjoying quite a few recipes from Yeah, That "Vegan" Shit, but I've had a nasty habit of tainting my renditions with dairy products. So I was pretty excited when at Organic Wholefoods, I found just the ingredients to make this mock tuna salad in all its vegan glory. Lindyloo raved about it, and I'll heartily join her chorus: "this is a damn good recipe". (Huh, usually her raves are much sexier than that... I was sure I'd be singing something about rubbing this all over Julian Casablancas' unclothed body.)

I fixed this recipe up at home and then packed it on our Wilson's Prom weekend for our hike-day lunch. This stuff is so good that even though we had a box of cookies in our pack, it was the promise of a mock tuna sandwich at the top that propelled me up Mt Oberon. In fact, this stuff is so good that even our non-veg companions said, "Hey, this stuff is actually pretty good".

Hmmm, I wish I'd finished on a slightly more effusive note than that.

This stuff ROCKS! GET INTO IT!! And seriously consider doubling the recipe.

Given that we're welcoming spring in this part of the world, might I recommend that you pair it with some fresh asparagus?

(You can see more photos from our Wilson's Prom weekend at my Flickr page.)

Mock Tuna Salad
(Lindyloo credits this recipe to Compassionate Action for Animals)

1 x 400g can chickpeas, drained and rinsed
1/4 cup vegan mayonnaise (I used Melrose brand)
1/3 cup celery, finely chopped
2 1/2 tablespoons dill pickle, finely chopped (2-3 mini ones)
1/2 tablespoon nutritional yeast (I used Lotus brand)
~3 shallots, chopped finely
1 teaspoon soy sauce
1/2 teaspoon kelp powder (optional - I couldn't find it at any of the shops I checked out)
pepper, to taste

Coarsely mash the chickpeas using a fork. Stir in the remaining ingredients.

Eat on sandwiches, with a green salad, perched on a potato chip (as photographed by Lindyloo), or maybe with some excitingly fresh asparagus.


  1. The non-vegos on this particular trip thought that this recipe was particularly exceptional!!!

  2. Heh, thanks Jack! Didn't mean to pressure you for more raves or anything. :-)

  3. Lovely recipe even for a meat eater :)

    I probably will add in some seaweed flakes to make it more fish-like. I think my grandmom will like this, although I have to adapt it to a more Asian taste/

  4. Hi Anh. :-) I will be keeping my eye out for some seaweed flakes, I'm interested to taste this with full "fishy" flavour! I think the chickpeas create a good texture even without it.

  5. I've been making a variation of this recipe for a very long time. My partner who loves it used to ask that we make it very week til I finally got sick of it. Anyway here is the link: http://veganmania.com/recipes/index.php/main-dishes/burgers-sandwiches-and-wraps/happy-tuna-salad/

  6. Yay! So glad you liked. (But don't be trying to make the moves on my man, there, sweets. I get all whirling-Lee-Press-On-Nails-and-yanking-of-hair when that happens. *Oh sweet Julian*) =)

  7. Kristy, I'm glad this rough formula is already being widely enjoyed! I think I prefer the alternative name of Happy Tuna Salad. :-)

    Glad to see you here, Lindy Loo! I think we can both keep our hair on - I'm more of a Beck gal meself. *imagining mock tuna salad on his pale, fey chest*

  8. Oh much excitement ... Gonna give this a go tonight!!!!

  9. Hope you like it, Jodes! I'm eating our second batch of this for lunch. :-)

  10. I did love it - and am now making more as I type!!!!

    Thanks for sharing

  11. You're welcome, Jodes! This recipe is so good it definitely deserves to be shared around. :-)

  12. i know this is an old post but i just wanted to say hello, and that recipe looks fantastic!

    (i think i found you via Limes & Lycopene).

  13. Hey, thanks for stopping by Lindsey Clare. :-D

  14. I have made something like this before from a kids recipe book (better than peanut butter and Jelly???). I first used nori sheets which worked fine and then found kelp powder at the health food shop.....kelp does add to the fishyness but it also makes the colour a bit greenish. I preferred it with the nori. In that recipe book they also do a not tuna bake with the salad cooked in with noodles which works ok.

  15. Welcome, Rach! Thanks for the tip on using nori. We now have dulse flakes, which we tend to use in recipes like this.