Monday, September 24, 2007

September 15, 2007: Andrews hamburgers

On this Saturday we were blessed with sunny skies and an empty schedule, so we decided to venture southside to visit a Melbourne icon: Andrews Hamburgers. This place is the real deal, a 50-year-old family business that hasn't changed its spots (or wood panelling) over its lifetime. And why change when you've hit on the winning formula? The burger-with-the-lot is widely touted as the best in town.

Now that's all well and good, but such an establishment is unlikely to offer much to a vegetarian, right? Actually, Andrews Hamburgers do have a vegetarian burger and it's not a completely token latecomer: owner Greg Pappas told the Age that the patty - made of potato, pumpkin, sweet potato, coriander, parsley and feta - is from a recipe that his mother made at home. This is veering into the territory of Grill'd Urban Burger Republic, perhaps, but the rest of this construction is old skool Aussie takeaway: a well-toasted white bun, tomato and iceberg lettuce, gooey cheese, sloppy sweet onions and a big gloop of tomato sauce that's destined for your shirt front. It's messy and a tad greasy but an enormously satisfying sunny-day lunch, and good nostalgic value at $7.

If you do succumb to Andrew's old-world charms, consider atoning for your cholesterolic sins with a walk around the nearby lake.

Address: 144 Bridport Rd, Albert Park
Ph: 9690 2126
Price: vege burger $6.50


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  2. I've yet to sample Andrews though Jfox and yossarian have often espoused the many virtues of a great burger.

    Yum-the vegie option with fetta sounds tempting too!!! Might need to make it into a 2-course meal....

  3. M's Nemesis, I'm sure you'd enjoy one of these but, phew! The person who can get through two of these babies in a sitting is waaaay tougher than me. :-)

  4. Hi there,
    Thanks for the review!
    I was wondering if you remember ( even though it was years ago)
    if they cooked the patty on the same meaty grill area?

  5. Hi, Cotton Socks! Sorry, can't remember for sure - I'd be surprised if they had a separate space for the veg burgers.

  6. UPDATE for Cotton Socks - they definitely cook everything on the same grill area.