Monday, January 22, 2007

January 20, 2007: Burger Republic

Update 31/12/2014: Burger Republic has been taken over by Urban Burger - we've visited their Richmond branch but haven't been back to Errol Street to check out this outlet.

After missing out on a taste of Burger Republic the other week, there was an undercurrent of chip cravings in our home for quite a few days. This manifested itself in a couple of meals with olive oil baked potatoes as a featured side dish (my subconscious at work), which were received with murmurs of "Mmmm....chips" from Emma. The situation was finally resolved on Saturday night. Emma and Simon had spent the day moving their belongings into their new home, and it was clear that beer and a burger would be a hearty and most deserved dinner for the pair.

Burger Republic has an online menu, making the call-and-collect approach most convenient! Above is Michael's lentil burger ($8.50), with avocado, coriander, salad, relish and aioli. On the right is my red republic ($8.50), which contains a sun-dried tomato and capsicum burger, goats' cheese, pesto, salad, relish and aioli. These burgers are enormous, with the rolls being ~20cm in diameter. (RR also offers mini-sized burgers, but only in beef and chicken varieties.) Emma and Simon relished their beefy counterparts after a hard days' work, and Michael similarly polished off his with ease. I loved the pesto, but couldn't detect the taste of tomato or capsicum in my patty, and found the roll to be a bit too sweet and doughy. I decided to save the second half for lunch, and in the meantime focus on the main event:

This is a full-size dinner plate piled with three serves of chips ($3 each). These definitely met expectations: crunchy outside and soft within. We also sampled the aioli dipping sauce, which was silky smooth but a bit bland. In the end our Heinz tomato sauce proved a superior accompaniment.

Even though I wasn't wowed by these burgers, I was clearly in the minority, and the chips more than made up for that. I certainly won't be declining any future visits to Emma and Simon's neighbourhood for seconds.

Address: 47 Errol St, North Melbourne
Ph: 9328 1781
Price: enormous vege burgers $8.50, chips $3


  1. I love this place! Pity about the short hours but it's a great accompaniment with drinks at Prudence (the guys at the bar will give you a folder of take-away menus for food you can birng in to the joint- how awesome is that?)

    The chips and the aioli with the chips is good.

  2. Excellent service provided by Prudence! I haven't been back to BR since writing that review, will have to rectify that situation soon. :-)