Monday, January 15, 2007

January 13, 2007: Cicalata

Towards the end of the week, Emma was salivating at the idea of huevos rancheros for breakfast. In an attempt to fulfill this need, we set off for Inkari, arriving at the civilised hour of 11:45. Alas, in South America it seems that breakfast finishes at 11:30, so we were forced to try our luck at Cicalata. We'd been there a couple of times previously (although these trips remain, for some reason, unblogged), and found it to have a fairly interesting menu (although nothing resembling huevos rancheros unfortunately) in the midst of Lygon Street's standard fare.

Both Cindy and I opted for items from the specials board: zuchinni and corn fritters with poached eggs and marjoram sauce for me and French toast with caramelised peaches and maple syrup for Cindy. The fritters were tasty but small, while the eggs were fairly flavourless and the marjoram sauce lacked punch. It really wasn't that bad, but the description was so mouth-watering that I had high expectations. Cindy's French toast was also a little disappointing - the peaches were fresh, but hardly caramelised, while the syrup didn't taste like genuine maple syrup. The coffee was great and the prices are quite reasonable, but I think in future we'll make the effort and wander over to Fitzroy, where the breakfast choices are much more impressive.

Address: 323 Lygon Street, Carlton
Ph: 9482 1333
Fully licensed
Price: $4 - $14


  1. Love Cicalata. But don't sit down and dine. My infrequent trips into Carlton are usually spent in my favourite place there, Readings. But I usually end up parking a bit further down the road nearer the corner and have to walk past Cicalata. SO what do I do? I buy some wonderful cakes to bring home to share with Herself. Mmmm...scrumptious!

  2. We love Readings too, Miss Eagle!