Tuesday, January 09, 2007

January 7, 2007: Filter

Filter was the venue for 2006's Christmas party at Michael's workplace, and on that occasion Michael not only enjoyed the food but won a $20 voucher for a further meal there. Thus on Sunday, we found ourselves a table and took the weight off our feet after a couple hours of browsing the Fitzroy shops.

Filter is comfortable and contemporary: high ceilings, dark, sturdy and simple furniture, minimalist colouring and a few choice canvases on the walls. Similarly the menu isn't showy, but offers a list of pasta, burgers, breakfasts and snacks as solid, dependable and tasteful as the furniture. Michael and I both ordered from the blackboard of specials: above are his poached eggs with spinach and spicy tomato relish ($10.50). Michael devoured it, remarking on the excellent relish. Had there been as much again on his plate I'm sure he would've finished that too, but the portion size was about right for supplying satisfaction without gluttony.

I chose the risotto balls with tomato, cheese and pesto ($8.50). At this price it was unclear to me whether this would be an entree to share or a main, and I suppose I could have asked. The risotto balls were super-rich treats: they arrived crisp and hot with an oozy, cheesy centre that was a bit short on rice. Under these artery-hardening circumstances the pesto was far too oily, though it would have been great to drizzle over Turkish bread. Given that I ordered this for lunch, I would have preferred a couple less risotto balls and a handful of fresh greens on the side, but that's the risk I took for ordering without asking. Similarly, Michael and I only noticed the long list of freshly made juices (on the opposite wall to the specials) after we'd ordered drinks: make sure you check them out, 'cause they look delicious and nutritious! Less nutritious but equally delicious-looking were the burgers and chips that we observed at some neighbouring tables.

Edit 24/02/09: Fitzroyalty has just announced that Filter has closed. We're sad to see it go!

Address: 285 Brunswick St, Fitzroy
Ph: 9416 3752
Licensed, BYO wine only
Price: veg mains ~$8-20


  1. That's so great that both of you are vegetarian. I haven't pressured my partner or anything but I have asked him to give it some thought after he brought it up. I envision us fighting vegetarian crimes together :)

    I love the reviews of restaurants on your blog - it's nice to know which restaurants have worthy vegetarian options around Melbourne.

  2. That's great! My biggest hope with this blog was that other vegetarians new to Melbourne might read the restaurant reviews for tips. :D I'd always appreciate your comments about the restaurants that you've visited too.

    Michael and I converted to veg within weeks of each other, and I feel lucky to be sharing most of my food discoveries with someone else. By contrast, I really admire your perseverance given that your partner isn't veg: I don't know how long I'd hold out if Michael was constantly eating fish and chips in front of me!