Monday, January 08, 2007

January 5, 2007: Trampoline

After dinner at the Vegie Bar and a drink a little further along Brunswick St, most of our party discovered their dessert stomaches and joined the out-the-door queue for gelato at Trampoline. Michael and I shared this cup of violet rumble, coffee crunch and caramel pear sorbet. Both the sorbet and gelato flavours were smooth and refreshing, not heavy or too rich. The coffee crunch and violet rumble hit the mark, but I found the caramel pear overly sweet and lacking fruity tang (guess I should have ordered lemon or lychee & lime if that was what I was looking for). This is the perfect treat for a summer night: cool and light, sweet and fruity or chocolatey as you please, and just a little extravagant.


  1. Hey, I actually used to work at Trampoline! I worked at the St Kilda branch though. I love the lychee and lime, but to be honest the taste is mostly lychee..i cant really taste the lime. If you want something tangy go the lemon..or the blood orange!

  2. "stomaches": a Freudian spelling mistake?

  3. Hehe, quite possibly!

    Akki, thanks for the tip! I will check out the blood orange flavour before summer is over. You don't have any horror hygiene stories after working there, do you? ;-)