Sunday, January 28, 2007

January 27, 2007: Inkari

Saturday was the lazy day of our Australia Day long weekend - so much so that by the time our lunch hungers kicked in, we'd still not managed to get to Safeway and buy food. Rather than go through the ordeal of shopping on an empty stomcah, I convinced Cindy that we should head straight to Inkari. The lunch menu is fairly substantial, and there are four or five vegetarian options to choose from. Cindy and I both went with sandwiches: hers the mollete (refried black beans cooked to a traditional Mexican recipe with roasted capsicum and tomato, tasty cheese and avocado - $6.50) and mine the tortilla omelette (potato omelette with red pepper, green salad, tomato and home-made mayonaise - $7.50). Both were enjoyable - the mayonnaise on mine was delicious, but the beany flavours of Cindy's were the highlight.

You can read about our previous trip to Inkari here.

Edit 19/12/07: Sadly, Inkari appears to have closed permanently.

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