Thursday, November 30, 2006

November 29, 2006: Thaila Thai

Tracy from Brisbane was visiting Cindy's lab group so, as with her last trip, Cindy gathered up a posse of ex-Brisbanite ecologists and hangers-on for after work drinks. Those of us with stamina ended up dining at Thaila Thai in Brunswick East - a giant two-storey restaurant with a tiny, open kitchen by the front door and a bevy of svelte, androgynous Thai waitstaff. Turning up unannounced with a group of seven seemed a risky plan to me, particularly when confronted with the hubbub around the kitchen, but we were cheerily ushered upstairs where there were still a few tables spare.

The menu is simple and effective - a selection of stir-frys and curries and a choice of meats (plus tofu!) to go with them. Throw in the optional extras (cashews etc) and a fairly stark looking one page becomes a mix-and-match sensation with dozens of options . Mike and Jo-Lyn had visited previously and Cindy followed their recommendations (Mike: "It's so good you'll... you'll wet yourself") and ordered a Pad Thai, while I couldn't say no to a red curry (both with tofu). Cindy's pad thai was a tiny bit burnt, but otherwise tremendous. My curry was wonderful - a wide array of fresh vegies (pumpkin, potato, broccoli, zucchini, capsicum and, surprisingly successfully, asparagus), some slightly crispy tofu and plenty of delicious spicy sauce in which to drown the rice. The other meals around the table looked equally impressive and by the time we stood up to leave, our earlier plans for dessert at GeloBar seemed a tad optimistic. Ah well, it's good excuse for another venture to upper Lygon Street to sample some more of Brunswick East's wares.

Address: 82 Lygon Street, Brunswick East
Phone: 9387 0659
Price: veg mains $12
BYO only


  1. We often go to Thaila Thai and yes, Gelo Bar is so conveniently nearby you have to leave room in your stomach!

  2. Do they still add MSG by the laddleful?

  3. I don't know exactly what MSG tastes like, AOF! It might explain why the Pad Thai is alleged to taste pant-wettingly good.