Thursday, November 23, 2006

November 18-19, 2006: Johnston St Hispanic Fiesta

After an hour or two of recuperation and a lunch of strawberries, Doof, Michael and I hit the Johnston St Hispanic Fiesta. Doof was psyched for dancing in the street and we arrived in time for the last few minutes of a salsa dance class on the main stage. Michael and I were feeling more timid and, more importantly, I was hungry. We walked the length of the festival to check out our options and made our initial selections.

Michael and Doof both bought bean-stuffed soft tacos. These were good fresh fare as far as stall food goes: rice and salad and deep-fry-free.

I lined up for some corn cakes: choc-full of kernels with just enough batter to bind them together, and some crunchy shallots too.

After all that eatin', it was time for some sangria at the incredibly crowded Spanish Club. After all that sangria, it was time to soak up the alcohol with some more food!

Michael and I hung around the Los Amates stall, but by this time (6:30 or 7pm) they were selling their last stores and referring customers back to their restaurant. We took some of the nachos, which were crunchy and fresh-tasting, even though they were essentially the dregs of the stall. (The least scary "cheese sauce" I've ever encountered!) I also bought a large cup of lemonade a few stalls down, which was the ideal thirst-quencher in the late-day sun: very tart and not overly sweet. Doof had some sort of savoury crepe, which was fantastic. I have no idea what it was flavoured with and wish I knew.

Although we stayed in the area for several more hours, I didn't get a chance to return for Hispanic sweets on Saturday night. Doof and Michael were keen enough to return on Sunday afternoon for churros. Naturally I was twice as keen!

They were the perfect festival dessert: deep-fried to crispness with a sweet doughy centre, squirting lolly-ish jam... I wanted to save the chocolate 'til last, yet had to eat it straight away to minimise the mess on my fingers. Heaven in the mouth and almost immediately heavy and regrettable in the stomach. How else could you possibly stop eating them? (Only if you'd spent all your pocket money.)

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