Tuesday, November 28, 2006

November 26, 2006: Lord of the Fries

I have been wanting to visit Lord of the Fries since I first saw it listed on the Vegetarian Network Victoria website. This Sunday afternoon offered the opportunity, preceeded by a walk from Carlton to the CBD, which diminished my chip-guilt. Lord of the Fries is essentially a burger stand opposite Flinders St station, and it seems to be designed with me in mind. First, it's 100% vegetarian. Second, they offer a multitude of condiments with their chips. Third, they sell miniture burgers as well as regular-sized, because they know that some of us like chips more than burgers.

Between us, Michael and I almost demolished a box of chips with Belgian-style topping (mayonnaise). The chips were tasty and soft in the centre, though not as crunchy on the outside as those at Grill'd. The thick mayo is actually on a par with home made, far superior to Kraft or any other supermarket brand. The burgers are like vegetarian Big Macs, though the soy protein patties might be beefier. The buns are doughy and sweet, and my mini-burger had the distinctive combo of pickles, ketchup and mustard. Michael order a spicy one and he commented that it was pretty hot. My big gripe is the lack of foliage: even Macca's include some limp iceberg lettuce and I would have enjoyed a generous handful of leafy greens to cut through my sauce sandwich.

Our teenage afternoon was completed with a visit to the Tezuka manga exhibition at the National Gallery. I can foresee LOTF cravings in my future, and indulging will assuage my conscience for cruelty but not calories.

Edit 02/06/07: I snuck over to LOTF for a burger today and their menu proclaims NOW WITH LETTUCE! Yep, it's limp Macca's-style iceberg lettuce but I'm happy to see it there amongst the multiple condiments.

Address: corner of Elizabeth and Flinders streets
Price: burgers $2.50/4.50, fries $4/4.50
Website: www.lordofthefries.com.au

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  1. hi cindy,
    oh.. lotf is good! too bad i didnt get to try their mayo. (my friend wanted the plain ones)
    you're the second person i heard talk about the manga exhibition. must go check it out before it leaves.. thanks for the info on it though :)