Saturday, April 25, 2009

April 24, 2009: Mojo's Weird Pizza

We've had some very fine pizzas in Melbourne, but have yet to really settle on a pizza delivery option for those nights when it's too cold to venture out and we're too lazy to cook ourselves. Umago has been our regular option but it has only intermittently satisfied. So when I found out that we were in the delivery area of the Clifton Hill branch of Mojo's Weird Pizza I was keen to give it a try.

For all their talk of weirdness (and to be fair, a banana and bacon pizza is pretty strange), the vego options aren't particularly wacky, with options like tomato, artichoke and rocket, roast vegie and bruschetta sounding delicious without too much craziness.

Cindy tried to dial up the weirdness as much as she could, ordering the two most interesting sounding veg options. First up, the cheeseathon known as Kaas Kop - caramelised onion, blue vein cheese, regular cheese, parmesan cheese and cream cheese. We only got a small one of these, which was a good choice - the blue vein and caramelised onion were a fantastic combination but the whole thing is just incredibly rich. You can feel your arteries clogging.

Our second choice was The Gringo (salsa base, corn chips, cheese, spanish onion, fresh tomato, jalapenos, cream cheese. topped with sour cream and guacamole), which is shooting for the same territory as Umago's Mexican pizza. I really liked the idea of this pizza - particularly the loads of jalapenos and slatherings of sauces, but the chip layer was a bit much for me. I could handle a smattering of corn chips on top of a pizza, but this came with a layer of chips 2-3 deep right across it. Apparently the chip level is pretty variable, so I haven't given up hope on this one entirely.

Cindy couldn't resist ordering a garlic bread ($5), which wasn't anything particularly special (beyond the fact that it was garlic bread of course).

And, in a nod of the head towards healthfulness, we also ordered Mojo's own garden salad, which came with its own little tube of Heinz dressing and a dense layer of fetta and olives across the top. It was okay, but a long way from being healthy I suspect.

I had high hopes for Mojo's, but this was all just a little disappointing. I think I'll try them again but my expectations have been suitably modified.

Address: 384 Queens Parade, Clifton Hill (there's also a Port Melbourne branch)
Ph: 9489 6588
Price: weird pizzas from $11 (small) to $22 (family), classic pizzas $10-$20


  1. I feel compelled to add that Mojo's have named one of their pizzas after TEX PERKINS. For this, I love them.

  2. I don't go to mojos for healthy pizza but I do like the gringo - it is a bit of fun - but if I lived a bit closer I would like to be able to regularly dial up Mr Natural's Vegetarian Pizza which I love

  3. We used to have Mojo's quite often at work. The weirdest and by far the grossest was the "Jackie Chan" with dimsims, chinese cabbage, spring rolls and all that... it was so bad we ate the dim sims and springrolls and chucked the base in the bin!!

    The Gringo is good =) mmmm....

    One weird pizza I had that wasn't from Mojos but from Baked in South Melbourne was a BLT.... lettuce, tomato and bacon... lettuce on a pizza? who thought it would work!

  4. Have you tried Crust Pizza yet?

    It's definitely our favourite and they have a very impressive vego selection. More than 12 to choose from! Bit on the pricey side but they use truly quality ingredients and nice thin crusts.

    Very excellent pizza, you won't be disappointed

  5. Johanna, we haven't eaten Mr Natural's pizza in quite a while - I think Michael will be keen to go back. :-)

    Hi Shellie - while I've enjoyed spinach and fresh rocket on pizzas, I would never have thought of lettuce! Is it cooked or added fresh after baking?

    KittyMeow, I've not heard of Crust Pizza before! Their menu looks good, it's a shame they don't deliver to our neighbourhood. We will have to travel to their Armadale restaurant sometime.

  6. I'm angry that Mojo's pizza bases aren't vegan. Big BOO!

  7. We used to order from Mojo's too when I worked in Port Melbourne. I remember one of them was the Athens one, don't remember which ones the others were. But Crust is good too!

    However, these days I prefer home made pizzas. Having a bread maker machine just makes it really really easy to prepare the dough. Even in colder weather.

  8. Thanks for that warning, Anon!

    I envy you your homemade bases, William! I've made my own dough a few times but my last attempt was a terrible failure and it's put me off for a while.

  9. i used to love the gringo when i lived in richmond. it was my hungover pizza. it is the worse thing in the world for you but it was great. the kaas kop i also used to love, but they took it off the menu for a while. good to see it is back.

  10. Ran, I can certainly imagine this making good hangover food. :-)