Saturday, April 25, 2009

April 23, 2009: Tiffins III

Update 27/1/2019: Tiffins delivery is no longer available.

My workplace's Tiffin lunches have a new organiser and a new day - we're now enjoying Tiffin Thursdays. This one features Dhabba Dal and a Veg Coco Malai. It's not been my favourite of the bunch but as always it's good value at $7 - I was even able to put aside some of the rice and curry and team it with a leftover roti for a second lunch.

You can read my other accounts of Tiffins here and here.


  1. I've always wanted to try the tiffins that get delivered by the bikes! They look delicious!

  2. Been browsing through your blog for the last huour (zomg!!) and was happy to see the variety of places mentioned, including my favourite Moroccan Soup Bar.

    Being an Indian vegetarian, I'd also recommend the following (slightly further-out places but worth a drive!):
    - Bombay By Night (
    - Madras Banyan Tree (
    - Palms Food court (a review is here:

  3. Hi there mystery commenter! Glad you've enjoyed visiting our blog, and thank you very much for your restaurant recommendations - I'm bookmarking them for future reference. :-)