Saturday, April 04, 2009

March 31, 2009: Norsiah's Kitchen

We've been visiting Norsiah's Kitchen occasionally on lazy weeknights to grab some cheap, tasty and fast dinners but the blogging gods have conspired against us - no camera, no peanut sauce available or just a lack of enthusiasm. This time we came prepared. The menu is reasonably veg-friendly, with rice and noodle dishes, gado gado and a range of Norsiah's specials.

The star of the menu is the sweet soy and peanut sauce, that gets slathered over our favourite dish - the Tahu Telur (deep fried tofu in eggs with vegetables with the soy and peanut sauce, $7.50).

This is a rich, peanutty sauce, with a hint of spice and sweetness. It's clearly not good for you, with shimmery bits of oil in the sauce and thick chunks of eggy batter around the tofu. The sprinkling of sprouts and cucumber on top help us pretend that it's not killing us, but it's probably best enjoyed periodically.

The sauce is best soaked up with some rice, and the nasi goreng sayur (fried rice with vegetables and tofu - $7) is just the ticket.

The rice and tofu have a light spiciness, which is milder than the more powerful peanut soy suace. The tofu is liberally sprinkled throughout the rice, making it a very satisfying meal on its own. Adding a few spoonfuls of the peanut sauce from the tahu telar takes it to a whole new delicious level.

Norsiah's is a pretty unassuming place - all plastic chairs and newspapers from January, but it's almost always full of students and locals - it's easy to see why, with massive and tasty meals for less than $8.

Address: 604 Swanston Street, Carlton
Ph: 9347 7079
Prices: $2-$7.50


  1. I get lunch here sometimes when i am at uni and am in agreeance with its yumminess. Havent tried these two dishes though i do love the very deep fried eggplant they usually have in the bai marie! not healthy but yummy

  2. Oh, I love this place when I am lazy. Around the corner, on the way home from late uni classes and I usually only eat their vegetarian fare. When I go for the rice and BM specials, it is all about the sambal egg, bean sprouts and tofu.

  3. Awe, love Norsiah's! Used to eat there quite often when at uni. For the onmivores out there, their Nasi Lemak is very good... :)

  4. Ha, looks like Norsiah's is well known to the uni crowd... the prices sure are student-friendly. :-)

  5. I tried this place on your recommendation (ordering Tahu Telur and Nasi Goreng), and found it pretty gross - the food all tasted quite fishy (I'm willing to bet it's not 100% vegetarian). I also noticed they used frozen vegies out a bag in the fried rice, which is pretty disappointing.

    For what it's worth, I much prefer the Tahu Telur nearby on Lygon St at Indolicous. I suggest you give theirs a try... :)

  6. Oh well, morefireblaze, each to their own!

    Thanks for the tip on Indolicious. We'll give it a go sometime. :-)

  7. Ok, so I have to try this sometime after class!