Saturday, October 06, 2007

where's the beef? switches off

Even though we have a number of tasty new posts to publish, where's the beef? will be distinctly quiet for the next 24 hours. We'll be minimising our greenhouse emissions and joining the Big Switch Off. The challenge is to go 24 hours without using any electricity, gas or battery-powered devices from 8pm tonight, October 6 through to 8pm October 7. We're going to cheat just a little and keep our fridge running, but there'll be no lights, no TV and no internet. What we do have to look forward to is a walk into the Treasury Gardens for a community event of food, stalls, live music, comedy and speakers. Also, look to the city tonight as the Arts Centre and Giant Sky Wheel switch off.

The level of energy usage that we accept in our daily living is really not sustainable, and it's ultimately more important that we try to reduce our habitual energy consumption. If you haven't already, consider requesting green power from your energy supplier.


  1. What a fantastic idea. Once upon a time I might have said "oh the kids will never survive without the computer" but now it has to said about me!!! I will give it a try. Vida x

  2. I try to save energy whenever possible, but I can't survive without internet.

    Good on you for doing it. Let us all know how it felt to be without electricity for a whole day.

  3. Thanks for the encouragement, Vida and Thanh. As you would understand, the internet fast was the biggest challenge!

    We pulled out some boardgames in anticipation of our Saturday night in but didn't even use them - just spent a couple of pleasant hours chatting by candlelight. By 8pm on Sunday, however, we were counting down the minutes 'til we could put our dinner on the gas stove and placing bets on which candle would burn out first. :-)

  4. Very admirable :) We once went a whole weekend without power, because the electricity company screwed up in connecting our service. It makes you realise how much you take power for granted!

  5. That must have been a challenge, Agnes! We at least had the chance to prepare before we voluntarily switched off. :-)