Saturday, April 25, 2009

April 22, 2009: Soft tofu tacos

While sharing an East Brunswick Club meal with them at the end of last year, Caroline and T let us in on one of their favourite ways to prepare tofu - baked in cubes, seasoned with nutritional yeast flakes and chicken-style stock powder. Thinking it'd make a neat taco filling, I couldn't resist adding a little oregano to the 'fu. Michael sauteed a cheerful mix of sliced zucchini, capsicum and mushrooms, then poured over a purée of pickled chipotles (adobo free) and balsamic vinegar. We rounded out the meal with fresh lettuce and hot, soft tortillas.

At first bite, this didn't blow me away... then it really crept up on me as I munched on. It doesn't compare to Trippy Taco's spicy grilled tofu, nor will it tempt omnivores away from their chicken fajitas, but it certainly has a charm all its own. Low effort, fresh-tasting and adaptable, I can definitely see this entering our weeknight meal rotation.


  1. these look good - what kind of tofu would you suggest?

  2. That tofu reminds me of a recipe that I make ( It was my first use of tofu and nutritional yeast flakes and I think they make a great combo.

    +1 for trippy taco. Had the nutella banana melt with ice cream sandwiched in the folds, could barely walk, but it was worth it!

  3. Pip, I'd tend to go for the ultra-firm stuff - that way the cubes hold their shape when I toss them around the baking tray. I think there's a bigger risk of over-baking firm tofu to toughness, though!

    Thanks for passing on that link, Nudbot! I'm bookmarking it to try next time. I've sampled TT's nutella-banana tortilla before, but not with the ice-cream... I was having a little trouble walking, myself. :-)