Sunday, April 12, 2009

April 9-13, 2009: Easter eats

Like Christmas, Easter was a time of sharing recipes and restaurants we already know and love.
  • On Thursday night, I bought my brother a late pub meal at the East Brunswick Club after he made the nerve-wracking drive south from Tumut;
  • On Friday, Carol brought over a bottle of red and I cranked out some pizzas. We finished up with icecream.
  • Dinner on Friday night was at Sue's, where my Dad and his wife were staying. While they generously catered, I delivered an Easter package of golden bars, grubs and carrot cake biscuits.
  • On Sunday night I cooked a comforting 'meat'-and-veg meal for brother Liam, featuring vegan sausage rolls; he was oblivious to his first ingestion of tofu.
  • Monday night? Dinner with Dad and Anne at Shakahari. The croquettes were mildly disappointing, the laksa excellent, and I finally sampled the tofu caramel:
    While the tofu was as smooth and creamy as I'd dreamed, the electric sweetness of the candied pistachios came as a shock. A welcome one.
    The rest of the weekend I worked. Reluctantly, but steadily. It would have been lonelier if it wasn't for our other houseguest, Missy:
    (That's the reproachful look of a cat who knows I shouldn't be checking my Yahoo account.)


  1. what is it wuth cats and laptops!

    nice array of easter food

  2. they're nice and warm, and of course, they get a lot of attention...which is why kittens love them. this cat is gorgeous :)

  3. That's one pretty kitty.

  4. Louise, I think you must be right!

    I am trying to keep the gratuitous kitten pictures to a minimum, but they seem popular. :-) One more to come...

  5. did you get missy from the brunswick pet shop?

  6. No - Missy belongs to some friends of ours (we were kitty-sitting), and I believe they adopted her from an animal shelter in North Melbourne.

  7. i only ask b/c brunswick pet shop (in north melbourne) only sells rescued animals, and my wife and i bought a male cat of the same age and same size and same look there a few weeks back. we heard he had a sister that looked just like him, and it would be quite a coincidence if missy was his sister.

  8. Oooh I don't know...
    I'm Missy's owner, and we got her from the Lost Dogs Home in North Melbourne 2 months ago (when she was about 4 months old). She was there with two white siblings, one boy with odd eyes (2 different colours) and one that the attendant had trouble sexing, so I'm not sure if it was male or female! Maybe she had more siblings - I wonder if the Brunswick Pet Shop sources its kittens from the Lost Dogs Home?

  9. Cute photo by the way!
    Missy also sits on newspapers, books... anything you're paying more attention to than her!

  10. it wouldn't surprise me if they sourced from the lost dogs home. i can e-mail a photo of our cat, if you want. they look about the same age, too.