Sunday, October 15, 2006

October 14, 2006: Piedemonte's supermarket

A comment from Will mentioned Piedemonte's supermarket in Fitzroy North, which I hadn't previously heard of. A quick search of the internet confirmed its location (43 Best St) and its reputation as a yuppie haven. Armed with an extensive shopping list, Michael and I decided to check it out after breakfast at Ici. This IGA supermarket isn't particularly flash-looking inside or out, but the selection of groceries certainly leans towards the gourmet and the organic. We found almost all the ingredients we needed for our Saturday cooking spree, and picked up a few impulse buys too.

There was a pretty good selection of tofu, tempeh and sanitarium faux-meat products. I bought a pack of bacon-style rashers, with which I have a love-hate relationship. Michael was keen to try a bottle of Elgaar farm organic milk, I picked out some Barambah organic yoghurt. Michael was also very pleased to dicover canned black beans and nabbed one for no particular reason. I found the intriguing halva, an enticing block of vanilla and cocoa swirls made primarily of tahini. The bakery section also had a lot more to offer than the standard Safeway or Coles: wholegrain breads, gourmet biscuits, and pastries and pies ready to reheat. I picked out a rosemary and sea salt foccacia for lunch. It's not going to replace the convenience of our local Safeway and fruit shop, but we'll probably return for a few treats when we're in Fitzroy North.

Edit 04/11/06: I just discovered that Piedemonte's has its own website. This article (in the Age) is also an interesting read.

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