Monday, October 30, 2006

October 28, 2006: Kake Di Hatti

On Saturday night we agreed to meet up with Mike and Jo-Lyn for dinner, before Jo-Lyn got into some serious study and the rest of us costumed up for a Halloween party and stuffed ourselves with candy (or was the latter bit just me?). Unfortunately my first suggestion, Animal Orchestra, was closed. Instead Michael and I had our first experience of Kake Di Hatti.

This restaurant isn't glamourous or even tastefully decorated, but the clamour of voices echoing around the high ceiling are testament to its popularity. We were (curiously) offered a table that had a scrawled "booked" sign on it, but I was starving and didn't hestitate long before delving into the menu. There's plenty on offer for a vegetarian, with most of the meat curries having meatless options, and a further list of exclusively veg and legume dishes. We shared four items: malai kofta, saag paneer, muttar paneer and alu cholle. The kofta were particularly delicious, and all the curries were enjoyable and notably light on the grease. In contrast to this Veggie Friendly reviewer I think I've eaten better, although possibly not at $9 a bowl. The mango lassi that I ordered didn't ever turn up but I wasn't inclined to bother the busy staff or scratch it off a bill that came to less than $50 for four people.

I'd recommend Kake Di Hatti as a venue for a cheap and unpretentious meal. But like Flora, it's not ideal for a langorous evening with quiet conversation.

Address: 128 Lygon St, Brunswick East
Ph: 9387 7771
Licenced, BYO
Price: veg mains $8.50-$9.50, rice and bread extra



  1. Hi, Cindy. I recently had my first Kake di Hatti experience too. Great blog - I love Moroccan Soup Bar too, I like what I see!

  2. Have you ever been to Yogi Da Dhaba? In Lygon St, across the road from the Quarry Hotel, just north of Brunswick Rd. Yummy, cheap food, and attentive staff. Get the samosas to begin with!

  3. No we haven't, Liz - will have to give it a try. We haven't really developed a steadfast loyalty to any of the neighbourhood Indian restaurants, so the recommendation is very welcome! And I love a good samosa. :-)