Tuesday, October 03, 2006

October 1, 2006: Queen Victoria Markets

On Sunday morning we walked down to the Queen Vic Markets, with the aim of getting some more cherry chutney for Anne to take home to Brisbane. Unfortunately the French food stall was closed, but by then I was sufficiently seduced by my edible surrounds that I ended up shopping for myself. First task: find those churros that Mellie blogged about! Her couple of pics are far prettier than this one of me thoughtfully sampling my dollar doughnut. Most enjoyable fresh and hot, caked in icing sugar.

Task #2 was to find something fresh to wash down my carb-a-licious snack, so off to the organic section for some juice. I also wandered through the packaged groceries and picked up a couple of treats: Green & Black's hot chocolate/orange powder and some ginger/cashew granola. The granola has been very tasty with yoghurt and fruit, but as usual has sugar alarmingly high up the ingredient list, so I might have a go at making my own next weekend. I haven't had more than a sneaky teaspoonful of the hot choc yet, so I'll reserve my judgement.

By this time Michael had just about tired of my whims, so we went back to the bakery section where he picked out a green olive loaf and a tub of sun-dried tomato dip. It made for a lazy relaxing lunch in the Carlton Gardens, the perfect location to soak up the spring sunshine.

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