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June 26, 2012

Bergen's old town, where we rented an apartment, is very pretty and very steep. It's a quick downhill walk to the even older Bryggen and then mercifully flat as you approach the more modern quarter of the city.

Here we found Reindyrka, an organic supermarket. It's not totally vego (you'll find organic meats in the fridge) yet I suspect it's the best source of veg*n groceries in Bergen. We picked up some hot dogs, knekkebrød, Tartex, fair trade chocolate and scented soap, and regretfully passed over the organic ice cream. Food prices don't convert favourably to Australian dollars, but a little self-catering with Reindyrka saved us hundreds of kroner on eating out.

Christian Michelsensgt. 1, Bergen
+47 53 69 50 01

Accessibility: Reindyrka is located down a flight of stairs and we didn't notice any alternative means of entry. As grocery shops go, it's reasonably spaced inside and payment happens at a low counter.

Strolling round Bergen...

Bryggen, Bergen's centuries-old wharf
Its historic buildings are hilariously wonky

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