Thursday, August 30, 2012

Let's make three a crowd

We're rapidly approaching Planet VeGMeL's birthday! For three years the planet has brought the food posts of Melbourne-based veg*n blogs to one location for your convenient consumption. With 57 of us on the roll, you're RSS-fed a multi-course meal daily.

To celebrate the occasion, Steph has announced a picnic on Saturday September 15 at Edinburgh Gardens, starting at 1pm. Everyone is welcome - blogger or not, veg*n or otherwise - to bring a vegan dish and partake in an IRL feast. (In the spirit of extra-awesome inclusiveness, consider cooking gluten-free.) Any late changes will be posted on this facebook page. Marking your attendance isn't mandatory, but might help Steph ensure that there are enough zines to go around.

Last year's picnic was a cracker, so I'm bypassing the usual pencil and inking this one into my diary.