Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Punjab Tandoori

July 1, 2012

On my last full day in Norway, Cindy and I met up with a few of her conference buddies and went on a museum crawl. The national museums are all free on Sundays, so we hit up The National Gallery, The Museum of Contemporary Art and The National Museum of Architecture. The gallery was particularly impressive, but all were worth checking out, particularly free of charge. In the afternoon we wandered back around the harbour to the Oslo Opera House, which opened in 2007 (pictures below). By the time we'd scaled the opera house and wandered back towards our hotel, everyone was footsore, hungry and tired (especially the two of our group who'd flown in that morning). With no real plan lined up for dinner, I turned to the trusty Lonely Planet, which pointed us in the direction of Punjab Tandoori promising us cheap, decent Indian food.

There's nothing flash about Punjab Tandoori, it's a cafeteria-style place, with a big blackboard menu and loads of locals tucking into aromatic curries. We all took the simple option and ordered the veg thali, a silver tray with three curries, some naan bread, rice and a salad, for a ludicrously affordable 70NOK (AU$11.10). This was comfortably the cheapest meal we had in Norway - probably half the price of the next most expensive.

And it was pretty good - nothing very complex or spicy, but a chickpea curry, a dahl and a tomatoey mixed-veggie curry. The star of the meal was the naan - toasty and fresh. Punjab Tandoori isn't going to give you a particularly memorable meal but it's fast, tasty and incredibly cheap (relatively at least). Well worth a visit.


 Punjab Tandoori gets a passing mention by heaps of bloggers noting its affordability. The Slacker's Guide to Oslo and Just a Little Travel Blog provide the most detailed write-ups.


Punjab Tandoori
Grønland 24, Oslo
+47 22 17 20 86
veg thali plate 70NOK ~ AU$11.10

Accessibility: Mucho Mas has a a single step up to medium-spaced interior tables. Ordering and payment happens at a high counter. We didn't visit the toilets.


The Oslo Opera House from afar. Its design is inspired by glaciers.

The interior is beautifully designed as well, all geometry and repetition.

Cindy and her buddies posing outside, while I photograph them from inside


  1. Look at those crazy surfaces! Woooow. you just don't get architectural beauty like that, here.

    and that Indian - why is it Indian is either so good, or so bland? It's like Hare Krishna food.. Just deep fry my koftas, thanks..

    1. On this occasion we were just thrilled that the food was less than $35! Frickin' great naan, though.