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Bambus Marken

June 27, 2012

After spending our first day in Bergen hanging out in the historical old town, we decided to cash in on the glorious weather and head up to Fløyen on day 2. You can walk (or run!) up the hill, but we went for the lazy option and took the funicular to the top. Once you're up, you're rewarded with glorious views over the city and kilometres of beautiful walking tracks heading off into the forest (see the pictures below this post).

Our original dinner plans at the veg-friendly tapas place Escalon were undone by its popularity (booked out from 6 onwards), leaving us wandering a little aimlessly around the city in search of something else. Luckily, Cindy remembered the Vietnamese place near Cafe Aura and we wandered over to check it out. They had a spare table for us and a menu with about half a dozen vegetarian mains to choose from, so we settled in for a quick meal. The atmosphere is pleasant and casual, and the staff (who had limited English) were friendly and keen to make sure we had everything we needed.

Cindy ordered a tofu and noodle dish (145kr ~ AU$23).

This was just what we were after - loads of fresh veggies, delicious fried cubes of tofu and a mild but interesting sauce. Kind of like a simple pad thai. 

I went for something a bit more unusual, a bitter melon and tofu soup, drowning in coriander, chilli and lemongrass (145kr ~ AU$23).

This had a real kick and I needed to cut it with rice (hidden in the pot at the back of the picture above). Once I had the balance between rice and spice down, this was a gem - packed with flavour, fresh and loaded up with tofu.

Bambus Marken greatly exceeded our expectations - we were hoping that they could put together something tolerable and vegetarian for us and they turned out to have a range of excellent veggie dishes. In a town like Bergen, this puts them high on the list of places to visit for veg*n travellers - you could certainly do far worse. Prices are ludicrous, but no more so than the rest of Norway. 


Bambus Marken
Marken 33, Bergen
+47 55560060
veggie mains 145 NOK ~ AU$23

Accessibility: There's a small step as you enter, and things are fairly crowded inside. They have full table service.


The view from Fløyen

Beautiful mountain pond in the woods behind Floyen

A great tit about to enter its nesting box

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