Saturday, June 14, 2008

June 12, 2008: Hotel Lincoln II

It's been almost a year since our last visit to the Hotel Lincoln and this time it proved to be a cosy and convenient environment for dinner with Marty and Mike. The bar is popular and the adjoining dining area also fills up, though the tables are generously spaced. A peek down the corridor reveals more tables, these covered with white linen.

The menu changes seasonally, though the proportion of vegetarian options remains fairly constant - dahl and naan ($13) appears on the bar menu, while the restaurant offers one meat-free entree and one main.

I picked the entree: chestnut and mascarpone ravioli with sherry mushrooms ($15), and additionally ordered a side salad. This was a larger portion than I expected, given Michael's little entree last time, but I relished every mouthful of the rich sauce and potent mushrooms. Though this would have been filling enough on its own, the lightly dressed green salad was a good choice for balance.

This is Michael's main, the vegetarian plate ($23.50): cummin spiced carrots, green leeks and sauce gribiche, mushroom and chestnut pithivier. Though it was all very tasty, the fancy name and serving size didn't quite seem worth it - certainly not $8.50 more than my delectable pasta.

One thing does seem to have changed since last year - Hotel Lincoln now has its own website!


  1. Those mushrooms sound AMAZING. I might have to siphon off some of my nanna's sherry and have a go at making my own. I've made a recipe by Nigella that sounds similar, except she used dry marsala (and I had to substitute white port).

    By the way, I've just resusitated my old blog.. go have a look!

    Lil x

  2. Yum!

    Both those dishes look good- more importantly how did they taste?

  3. Oh god, I had the chestnut pasta last week. Actually, I was there tonight. The benefits of living on the other side of the road. Take advantage of their Monday night 12 dollar bar meals.
    I heart the Lincoln.

  4. Elizabeth, the mushrooms are indeed excellent - I'm sure that at this time of year you could buy some good specimens and try it at home. Nigella seems to put masala in everything! Good to see you back and blogging. :-)

    M's N, they tasted great - that mushroom sauce was particularly memorable!

    Bunches, I've been meaning to take advantage of the Monday night special since I read your review on Very Cheap Eats. Didn't work this time but I'm sure I'll be back.