Monday, June 16, 2008

Coming soon: Meatless Blog Meet

The next bloggers' meet-up, set for July 26, introduces a few new elements that make it particularly appealing to me:

it adjoins a market,

it's north side,


it's most definitely veg-friendly!

The plan is to meet at Lentil As Anything at the Abbotsford Convent at 12:30 for lunch. (I'm told that Abbotsford is the best of the Lentils, so can't wait to give it a shot.) The stayers can then retire to Handsome Steve's House of Refreshment, and decide for themselves whether Steve and his house are all they're pitched to be.

Lest you feel timid or wary about meeting crazies from teh Internets, I can assure you that you won't find a friendlier or funnier bunch of food fanatics. Trust me, I've checked 'em out myself - twice.

So come join us! I'll be the nondescript gal with the mushroom brooch. Michael will be tall, ginger-haired and affable. He always is.


  1. D'oh! My first and only opportunity to meet you two lovely people before I go overseas for an extended period and some genius decides to schedule the Meatless Blog Meet smack bang in the middle of a working day! I fear that a major case of vegfoodieitis will strike me down on the 26th and it will sadly prevent me from turning up at work. The only cure will be attendance at the MBM!

  2. Whoops - that's July 26! (Now editted.) Blame it on me posting in the middle of a working day. :-) That suit you any better?

  3. Sounds interesting, but does one have to be a food blogger to attend Cindy?

    As far as blogging goes, food isn't on the menu (at the moment) of topics for me.

  4. William, you may want to check with Another Outspoken Female, the instigator of this event. Conversations will inevitably revolve around food with a smattering of "how did you get your blog to do...?"-type discussion. If you're up for that (and I'm guessing you are), I expect that everyone will be happy to have you along!

  5. Oohh... so far into the future, I barely know what I'll be doing this weekend! Oh wait, yes I do... either way, I'll pencil this date in, and hope like hell I can be there.

  6. Cool - hope to see you there, Anna!

  7. Actually, its beginning to look like it is going to be bigger than texas the way it is going!

  8. Cindy: I think I might give it a miss. Kinda feels like i'm intruding as a non-food blogger.

    Perhaps I should consider blogging about food (or more specifically, Vegetarian foods). Hrm, something to consider. Food for thought even.

  9. Bigger than Texas but with a lot less BBQ ribs I hope, AOF. :-)

    OK, William - we'd still be happy to have you if you change your mind later. :-) And let us know if your blog does start taking a more edible bent! We're always keen for more local vego info.